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The Do Not Enter Sign – No, It Is Not Round

R5-1 Do not enter

What Shape is the Do Not Enter Sign?

Q: What is the shape of the Do Not Enter sign?

  • A. Round.
  • B. Three-sided.
  • C. Five-sided.
  • D. Square.

Learning the shapes of different signs can seem simple enough. Still, many users fail to identify the shape of the Do Not Enter sign. It is easy to be fooled by the circular symbol and think that the sign itself is circular, but in United States it isn’t.

The correct answer to the question above is D. Square.

Squares and Rectangles

It is a good idea to learn the basic shapes and colors of road signs. It will not only help you on your DMV test, but also make it easier to recognize signs from a distance, if visibility is poor.

One important reminder is that regulatory signs are always rectangles or squares. They are white with black lettering, and sometimes the color red is used to mark a prohibition, like the Do Not Enter sign.

Rectangles and squares are also used for other signs, but then they have a different background color. Green, blue and brown rectangles/squares are guide signs. Yellow and orange rectangles/squares are warning plaques.

Where You Will See the Do Not Enter Sign

The is placed directly in front of you where you could wrongly enter a divided highway, one-way roadway, or exit ramp. The sign is mounted on the right-hand side of the road, facing traffic that could enter the roadway or ramp in the wrong direction. Where greater emphasis is needed, there may be a second sign on the left-hand side.

The sign tells you that entering this road or ramp from your direction is prohibited. Do no enter this road under any circumstances.

Wrong Way Sign

R5-1a - Wrong Way Sign

Farther from the crossroad and beyond the Do Not Enter sign, you will often see a red Wrong Way sign. If you have entered a ramp or roadway and face the Wrong Way sign, you are already driving in the wrong direction. Pull to the side and come to full stop. Turn on emergency flashers and turn around when safe to do so.

What Road Signs are Round?

In United States, there is only one round or circular sign. It is placed as a warning ahead of railroad crossings.

W10-1 Grade Crossing Advance Warning


  1. I haven’t had license’s in 30 years and I’m fixing to go in January to get them.I wish I could stay on the 500 ones but it keeps changing on me.This would be great help if it would just stay on the 500 and let me try and answer them.Each one I miss I write the question down and the answer so I can study them later.

  2. Why is it wrong for the analytical mind that says the”Do not enter” sign is indeed round inside a square?”

    • There is a round symbol in this sign. The shape of the sign is still, as you say, square. An analytical mind can probably tell the two apart.

  3. anahid matevosian April 12, 2014

    the Divided Highway sign in the California Driver Handbook does not indicate it as end of divided Highway. Thanks

  4. You say there is ‘only on sign in U.S’ Please correct it to -there is ‘only one sign in U.S’. I suppose there is no difference between one and one, as long as it is spoken and not written, LOL

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