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Massachusetts RMv Tests

Massachusetts RMV Pretest – 25 Random Questions

MA Practice Tests

Our permit practice tests in learning mode has 25 random questions based on the handbook and real MA RMV tests. After each question, you have access to instant feedback with detailed explanations.

How should you study? Well, your first step is to get the latest version of the Massachusetts Driver’s Manual. When you’ve studied the handbook, you can use these practice tests to check your progress and level of readiness.

The passing score in Massachusetts is 72 percent, which means you should be able to answer at least 18 questions correctly. It is a good idea to aim a little higher on a practice test. Take enough tests to make sure you can reach a score of 92 percent with ease.

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Massachusetts Learner’s Permit Exam

Who Must Take the Test?

All new drivers applying for an original Massachusetts license must take the knowledge test.

Applicants with an expired license or an out-of-county license must also pass the knowledge test.

All passing knowledge test scores are valid for a maximum of six months. You must complete your road test within these six months.

Massachusetts Learner’s Permit Exam

Each RMV test has 25 multiple-choice questions. All questions are based on the information in the driver’s manual and cover topics like alcohol misuse, suspensions, and violations, as well as rules of the road and identification of road signs.

To pass, you must correctly answer 18 questions (72%) within the allotted time. You have about one minute to answer each question. It is usually more than enough.

Almost all RMV branches offer computer-based testing stations. The exam is available in both English and Spanish through these testing stations. Audio is also available on these tests.

If you have any disability that may prevent you from taking a standard exam through an automated testing station, you may request an alternative extended time, paper, or person-to-person oral exam. Person-to-person oral exams are currently only available in English.

Class D exams on paper are available in the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Czech, Farsi (Iranian), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Obviously, manuals or other reference materials are not allowed in the testing area. If you are caught cheating on an exam, you will fail and must wait for 60 days. In some cases, you may also be subject to further investigation.

Start Your 2017 Massachusetts RMV Test & Permit Practice HereStart Your 2017 Massachusetts RMV Test & Permit Practice Here
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