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Driver's Prep - Permit Practice Tests and DMV Sample Tests

A Large Database Gives You Many Practice Questions

These practice tests help you pass your DMV written knowledge test the first time. With a large database of DMV practice questions, Driver’s Prep covers all areas of your State Driver Handbook and official DMV test questions.
Do you want to learn more about the best way to study? Read the hints about risky study tactics that you should avoid and how simple it is to ace the dmv test.
What are you waiting for? All of these tests are 100% FREE!


Most Popular State DMV Tests

Don’t find your state here? Don’t worry – we have tests for all states
Arizona MVD practice tests at Driver's Prep - Always 100% FREE

Each Arizona permit practice test at Driver’s Prep has 30 questions, picked randomly from a large database. The passing score in Arizona is 80 percent, which means you must correctly answer at least 24 of the 30 questions.
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Student taking practice tests

Each permit practice test has 36 random questions based on the handbook and real questions from California DMV ( After every question on the test, you get instant feedback with a detailed explanation.
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Florida DMV Test & Permit Practice - All Quiestions and Answers - Driver's Prep

We take driver license and permit practice test questions from a pool of more than 1,000 DMV questions. They cover all aspects of the Florida driver handbook and will help you pass your Florida examination.
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Georgia DDS Driver Exam & Permit Practice - Driver's Prep

Start by getting the latest version of the Georgia Driver’s Manual. You should have a clear understanding of everything described in the Driver’s Manual. Continue by taking some practice tests. They will show your level of readiness and what you need to focus on.
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Illinois DMV License Test & Permit Practice - Driver's Prep

Each Illinois practice test has 35 questions. All answers are found in the Illinois handbook “Rules of the Road”. Make sure you have a copy of the latest version. The official passing score in Illinois is 80 percent, but you should aim higher when you practice. Try to get all 35 questions right.
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Indiana BMV License Test & Permit Practice - Driver's Prep

Each Indiana sample test has 50 questions randomly picked from a large database. We base all questions and answers on the information in the latest version of the Indiana Driver’s Manual and real Indiana BMV examinations. You need a total score of 84% to pass.
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Massachusetts RMV License Test & Permit Practice - Driver's Prep

Driver’s Prep has more than 1,000 questions and answers are available for you – at no cost. The unlimited practice tests will help you cover all important areas of the MA RMV Driver’s Manual and learn much faster.
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Maryland MVA Tests at Driver's Prep

The Maryland Driver License or Learner’s Permit test has 25 questions. You need a score of 88% or better to pass. This is higher than in many other states – make sure you prepare well. These practice tests will help you pass.
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North Carolina DMV Practice Tests - Driver's Prep

Get 25 practice questions for your North Carolina DMV test right here! Every test is based on the North Carolina Driver Handbook and DMV exam questions. With instant feedback, you can easily verify if you have learned the rules of the road or not.
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Pennsylvania Practice Tests - Driver's Prep

Use the PA practice tests to verify your progress and level of readiness for the Driver License Test. The PennDot manual is handy for quick reference whenever you miss a question. Try to truly understand every question and answer on the practice tests.
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Texas Permit & Driver License Exam Questions and Answers - Driver's Prep

30 random questions picked from a large database is your guarantee that you cover everything you need to know for the final exam. But practice tests only help if you use them correctly. Keep the Driver Handbook handy and compare answers.
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Wisconsin preparation tests  - Driver's Prep

The Wisconsin preparation tests for your driver license or learner’s permit have 25 random questions from a large database. After each question, you get instant feedback. There are 50 different tests available for free.
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Learn More about Taking Tests


Study tactics - late night cramming - Copyright: paulschlemmer

If you are in the habit of just studying two or three hours before a test and got away with putting everything off to the last-minute, you are very likely to fail the driver examination.
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Should Driver Knowledge Be Retested?

The older you get, the more important it is to have your basic driver knowledge checked. Traffic today isn’t what it was 30 or 40 years ago.
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Acing the DMV test - Illustration by  pratyaksa

Anyone can ace the DMV test. It is all about determination, confidence, and avoiding some bad study behaviors. You can do it too. Just set your heart to it.
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Learn More about Road Signs

Road signs are an essential part of most DMV tests

On average, first-time test takers miss 1 out of 3 signs on the exam!


Basic shapes of road signs in United States - Driver's Prep

There are ten colors and nine basic shapes of traffic signs in United States. Each shape has an exact meaning. You should learn all shapes for your DMV exam. In most states, you can expect one or two questions about shapes and colors on the written knowledge test.
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Basic colors US Road Signs - Learn this - Copyright: Xzelenz Media

Most states find shapes and colors important enough to be included in the driver’s manuals or driver handbooks. If they are included in your manual, you may also except questions about them to show up on the driver exam. Knowing colors can help you with other questions too.
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Pennant Shaped Road Sign - What Does It Mean?

The pennant-shaped road sign is perhaps the most overlooked shape when learning the basics of U.S. road signs. Make sure you know its meaning. Ask yourself where you are likely to see it and why it is placed on the left side of the road.

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Learn More about Traffic Signals

You probably think you already know what all signals mean.

But do you really?


Can you drive against a traffic light showing a yellow signal

You see them every day, drivers trying to beat the red light and continue against a steady yellow signal. But is it legal? We’ll tell you what you need to know for your written DMV test!
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Green left turn arrow - arrangement

If your lane displays a green arrow and all other signals show circular red signals, can you still turn in the direction of the arrow? Does the green arrow give you the right-of-way? Make sure you know the answers.
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Traffic light with red arrow - Photo: Mona Eshaiker (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license).

Traffic signals with red arrows are perhaps one of the most confusing situations you can encounter on American roads. While traffic signs and traffic light signals basically have the same meaning in all states, red arrows are different.
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What does the flashing yellow arrow mean?

Understand the Flashing Yellow Arrow for Your License Test

The meaning of a flashing yellow arrow is sometimes known as an “unprotected turn”. Unlike the green arrow (protected turn), traffic from the opposite direction is not stopped by a red light.

It is good if you know the meaning of all traffic light signals before you get behind the wheel, even if your Driver Handbook doesn’t mention them.
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Learn about Safe Driving

Look for more articles about everyday driving.

They are written to help you pass your DMV test.


Sharing the road with motorcycles - Driver's Prep Tests

Your state’s driver handbook or driver manual probably has a chapter that emphasizes the importance of safely sharing the road with motorcyclists. Pay special attention to this chapter. It is very likely that one of the questions on your DMV test is drawn from this chapter.
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"Use low beam headlights  - Illustration copyright: whilerests

It is extremely important that you know how to use your headlights. You must know when headlights are required and when you should turn on high beams or dim your lights to low beam. Make sure you truly understand why low beams must be used in certain situations. Questions about headlights are very common on DMV tests.
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Crashed car - Copyright: Montian Noowong

You are likely to see at least one of two types of questions about car accidents on your DMV test. One type deals with what you can do to prevent accidents, the other what you should do after an accident. Both are equally important parts of your state’s official DMV exam and to help you stay safe on the road!
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All about road markings and road lines!

DMV Test Preparations - Road Markings & Lines

All about Work Zones!

Work Zone Answers You Must Know for Your DMV Test
You are likely to see a chapter about road works and driving through work zones in your driver handbook and questions about work zones may appear on your written DMV test. Work zone safety cannot be emphasized enough.
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About the DMV Questions at
Is it the same questions on the real DMV test?

Are the Practice Tests the Same as the Real Tests?

With our experience and expertise, we construct questions that are like the real ones, and sometimes exactly the same. Some of our users come back and say that they recognized almost all questions on the real exam from our practice tests.
But these practice tests are a learning tool. So, we also stretch it a bit… [icon name=”heart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]
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All Practice Tests at Driversprep are 100% Free

Practice tests are updated on a regular basis to match the content of the state Driver Manual and what you must know for your DMV test.
They are 100% free with no fees and no hidden gimmicks. Just simple DMV practice test questions, answers, and explanations to help you pass your DMV written knowledge exam. The practice tests are simple to use; read the question and click on the correct choice. You will get instant feedback and will know if your answer is correct or not. If you miss a question, there is also a brief explanation to help you learn faster.

Take as Many Tests as You Need

You can take as many tests as you want, as often as you like. But rules between states are not always the same, so use the practice tests for your state – or you could end up learning the wrong rules for your DMV examination.
Important: by using our site and the free DMV practice tests you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Reach the Passing Score on Each Test

The passing score in most states is 80%, but it can be lower or higher in your state.
Do you want to know the passing scores in different states? Read this: United States Permit and License Passing Scores.

DMV Practice Online Since 2007 has been the leading online driver education and learning site for permit test practice during more than 10 years! Not only teens taking their first permit exam benefit from this fantastic online resource; it is also a great help for adult applicants who need to re-take their official written test. was established 2007. Each year, 1.5 million visitors take more than 27 million free DMV practice written tests. Access to the online test has always been 100% free at All questions and answers are based on the official handbooks or driver manuals from each state and updated on a regular basis. Questions are written by professional instructors with genuine knowledge about safe driving practices and rules of the road.

You should remember that is privately owned and not affiliated with any State or Government Entity. You cannot qualify for a permit or license by taking the online practice tests here.

Practice tests are offered free of charge only as a study help.

Complete Your DMV Test Quicker and Easier

Along with their DMV practice written tests all users have access to instant feedback and support through email and/or social media.

Users who practice for their permit test through are simply better prepared. Not only do they complete their official examination quicker and with ease, they are also more confident about their driving knowledge and driving skills. The overall pass rate by regular users of this education tool is over 90 percent. This applies to users who have taken 10 or more DMV practice tests and reach a passing score of 92%. Statistics from some states show a pass rate of 96 percent at the real permit exam. Studying with surely helps most users pass with flying colors.

DMV Test Questions and Answers You Can Trust

Above all, offers license and permit practice tests that you can trust! Content is reviewed on a regular basis. When questions are too easy to misunderstand or when laws change, the pool of questions are updated.

As a user, you have access to the most comprehensive database of driver license questions in the country. This means you can be confident that the practice tests cover all aspects and all items that might show up on your exam. You may also rest assure that answers are correct. If you still have doubts, we are always there to help. We take the DMV examination seriously and want you to pass!

What if You are Hopeless at Taking Tests?

Don’t let yourself get down just because you get low practice scores. When it comes to driving, you have just as much potential as the anyone else. And you have the same chance of being successful and get your driver’s license. It is just going to take a bit longer!

Here are some good hints. If you don’t know an answer right off, you should try to eliminate one or two choices as obviously wrong. By practicing you will be able to narrow down your choices. Still difficult? Make the best educated guess you can. It will often prove to be the correct answer.