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2017 Illinois DMV License Test & Permit Practice

Illinois DMV Tests
2017 Illinois DMV License Test & Permit Practice2017 Illinois DMV License Test & Permit Practice
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About the Illinois Practice Tests

The practice tests are a learning tool. Each test has 25 random questions. All questions and answers are found in the Illinois handbook “Rules of the Road” or official written tests.

After each question, you will see the correct answer together with a brief explanation.

Before you start, you should have:

  • The latest version of Rules of the Road. Get it from a licensing office or online.
  • The Parent-Teen Guide, if you are applying for a permit.
  • A parent or other licensed driver to discuss rules and safe driving with.

This will make your learning more efficient.

When you have a good understanding of the contents in Rules of the Road, take several sample tests to check how much you remember. The test score will also tell you if you are ready or not.

The official passing score in Illinois is 80 percent, but you should aim higher when you study for your exam. Try not to miss more than one or two questions on each practice tests. Go back to the study guide for each question you miss. Compare answers with the information in the booklet.

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Who Must Take the Illinois Written Test?

All new drivers applying for an original Illinois Driver’s License or Instruction Permit must pass a written knowledge exam.

Drivers must also take a written exam every eight year, unless they have a clean driving record with no traffic convictions.

If you have a traffic crash or other moving violation on your driving record, Secretary of State can ask you take the written exam again.

If you have an out-of-state or out-of-country driver’s license, you must pass the vision exam, the written knowledge exam and in some cases also the road test.

What You Should Know about Illinois Written Test

During the written test, you will be asked to identify traffic signs by shape, color or symbol, identify signals and pavement markings, and answer questions about traffic laws and safety rules.

All questions are taken from the handbook “Rules of the Road”.

You are not allowed to use books, cell phones or other wireless devices during the test.

Any applicant observed in a situation that could be considered suspicious during the test will be warned. If you are found cheating, you will fail that portion of the exam and prohibited from retaking the test for 30 days.

Taking the exam for another person is a criminal offense may result in a fine and minimum seven days in jail.

How Many Questions are on the Illinois Written Test?

The Illinois written knowledge test has 35 questions. 15 questions address traffic signs and the remaining 20 will either be multiple-choice or true-false questions. You can miss no more than 7 questions.

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