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Video: Illinois Road Sign Recognition Test

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The Illinois Knowledge Test

This video is designed to help you study for your Illinois driver’s license.

The knowledge test in Illinois has two parts. One part that deals with common road signs and their meanings and a second part that asks questions about common road rules and safe driving.

The first part has 15 questions about road signs, the second part has 20 multiple-choice or true-false questions.

Illinois Road Sign Recognition

The Illinois road sign recognition test asks you to identify traffic signs by shape, color or symbol, and to explain the meaning or proper action.

This video shows two sets of this recognition test (2×15 questions). It is a good idea to make sure you know and understand the answer to all 30 questions in this video. It will help you a lot on the real knowledge exam.

Illinois Practice Test

You should, of course, also check your knowledge of Illinois Road Rules. Use the practice tests, which mix both road sign and road rules questions. You can find all answers in the Illinois handbook “Rules of the Road”.

Interactive Tests

Illinois Road Sign Identification Test

Illinois Road Sign Identification Test

Illinois Road Rules Test

Illinois Road Rules Test


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