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Mixed Up Signs

Divided Highway Signs

Signs That Are Easily Mixed Up

No other road signs create more distress on the DMV written test, than the ones in this image. 40% of all incorrect answers on road signs are related to Divided Highway Begins and Divided Highway Ends.

Learn what the signs mean and how to tell them apart.

Divided Highway Begins (A)

Mixed up signs - W6-1 Divided Highway Begins

The Divided Highway sign means the highway ahead will be divided. You will see the sign when you approach a section of the highway where the opposing flows of traffic are separated by a median or other physical barrier.

It is not placed close to intersections, even if the intersection has a temporary median or barrier.

If you look closely at the sign, you will see barrier at the top of the sign. The top of the sign marks in which direction you are going.

Divided Highway Ends (B)

Road sign: W6-2 - Divided Highway Ends

You will see the Divided Highway Ends sign before the end of a physically divided highway. It warns you that the highway ahead is no longer divided by a median or barrier.

Very soon you will enter an undivided roadway with two-way traffic. The road has traffic flowing in opposite directions separated only by pavement markings (yellow lines).

This sign has the barrier placed at the bottom of the sign. The bottom marks the direction from which you are traveling.

Two-Way Traffic (C)

Road signs - W6-3 Two-way Traffic

The Two-Way Traffic sign may also used to warn you of the change to a two-lane, two-way section. It is placed before you approach two-lane, two-way section, but it is also placed along such a road to remind you that you share the road with oncoming traffic.

Two Other Signs That Cause Confusion

Road signs - Slippery When Wet - Winding Road

Two other road signs that are easy to mix up are Slippery When Wet and Winding Road. Learn what they mean and how to tell them apart here: Know These Two Road Signs.

The Complete Road Signs Quiz

Want to learn more and check your knowledge about other U.S. road signs? Quizagogo’s road sign quiz is one of the most comprehensive online quizzes for U.S. road signs. It will help you pass your official written DMV test!

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  1. Maryellen Guadagnino July 27, 2015

    Taking the practice DMV written test for California…in the driving handbook referring to warning signs on page 27 there is a “T” Intersection sign and on one of the test questions says it refers to a side road, and the T Intersection name is not correct!!

    • Side Road

      I understand if this a bit confusing, but the California Handbook is simply wrong. While this intersection becomes a T-intersection for anyone approaching on the side road, this sign is placed on the main road and indicates that there will be a side road ahead.

      Read more:

  2. I need more clarification with regard to 2- Way Traffic ( C ) Last portion of the statement.
    (” In addition- the sign can used along such a road”) I have copied this as I would have not written it in this manner. Please explain if you can.

    Thank you,

    • Usually, the Divided Highway Ends is used to warn of a transition from a multi-lane divided section of roadway to a two-lane, two-way section of roadway. This sign is placed (once) at the beginning of such a road.

      The Two-Way Traffic sign may be used instead of – or as a supplement – to the Divided Highway Ends sign, and be placed at the beginning of such a road.

      The Two-Way Traffic can also be placed at intervals along such a two-lane, two-way roadway as a reminder of oncoming traffic.

  3. Chinyelu Ezenwelu March 23, 2015

    Note the barriers drawn in between the roads/arrows.the blind part/closed part of the barrier(like the bottom of a cylinder)signifies the barrier you see now is about to close or end while the open portion of the cylinder shows the barrier is about to start ahead of you.So it is about if the barrier is open or closed ahead of you.If possible do not look at the arrows to avoid confusion.GOODLUCK.

  4. I still don’t get it have to study moree

  5. Note that the Two-way traffic sign is only used on two lane roads. More lanes = Divided Highway Ends.

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