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Minnesota DMV Knowledge Test & Permit Practice

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MN Practice Tests

Do you know everything you need to know for your Minnesota written test? This is your chance to check up on your knowledge.

These permit practice tests have 40 random questions based on the handbook and real MN DMV tests. After each question, you get instant feedback. Should you miss a question, there is a brief explanations. Your final score will tell you if you are ready for the real thing or not.

Start studying by getting the latest version of the Minnesota Driver’s Manual. After reading the manual, you should use these practice tests to verify what you have learned. The more tests you take, the easier it is to pass the real examination.

The passing score in Minnesota is 80 percent, which means you should answer at least 32 practice questions correctly. But you probably want a score of at least 92-96 percent while practicing.

Remember, true understanding and true learning is your key to success. Try to avoid some of the most common risky study tactics.


Who Must Pass the Minnesota Written Test?

If you’ve never had a driver’s license in any state or country, you must pass a knowledge test and a vision test, apply for an instruction permit, and pass a road test.

If you have a Minnesota driver’s license and let it expire, you must take the knowledge test again. Should you let your license expire for more than one year you must pass both the knowledge test and the road test again.

Michigan also requires you to retake the written knowledge test after the state revoked your driver’s license. A revocation means that your privilege is withdrawn and you must apply for a new license.

You must also take the Minnesota knowledge test and pass the vision test when moving to Minnesota from another state, U.S. territories, or Canada. Unlike many other states, the test is not waived even if you hold a license from another state.

The same is true when you move to Minnesota from a country other than the United States or Canada. In addition, you must also pass the road test.

We help you pass your Minnesota Knowledge Test

What You Need to Know about Official MN Written Test

The official test from Minnesota Department of Public Safety has multiple choice and true or false questions that check your knowledge and understanding of Minnesota traffic laws and road signs.

The test is usually offered on a computer, but may also be offered on paper. On a computer, the test is available in English or one of several other languages. If you wish, you can use audio assistance. Ask for headphones which allow you to hear the questions as you read them.


If you fail the test, you must wait until the next day before taking a new test. You can only take one knowledge test per day. If you fail two consecutive knowledge tests, you will be charged an additional fee to take a third test and any subsequent test.

How many questions are on the Minnesota permit test?

How Many Questions are on the Minnesota Driver’s Exam?

The written test has 40 questions. You must get a score of 80 percent to pass. This means you must correctly answer 32 test questions and can only miss 8 questions.

100 Practice Tests

We have 100 practice tests waiting for you. As soon as you start your first practice test, you will see links to additional tests.

100 Practice Tests at Your Fingertips - Driver's Prep

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