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Mississippi Permit Test Practice & Driver License Tests – 2022

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Mississippi Permit Test Practice
  Questions per test: 25
  Question pool: 500+
  Type of test: Random multiple-choice



80% is the passing score in Mississippi. Do you want to try a new test?

New questions

80% is the passing score in Mississippi. Do you want to try a new test?

New questions

#1. If you see this sign in front of you, it tells you that:

The Do Not Enter sign might include the words ‘do not enter’ or it might only include the white bar across the red circle background. Either way, it means you may not enter this lane of travel.


#2. Your car must have a horn that can be heard from a distance of:

Your vehicle must have a horn which can be heard 200 feet away.

It is against the law for you to have any siren or exhaust or spark whistle on your vehicle. Noise making devices are illegal.


#3. When entering an interstate or other limited access highway, you should check traffic by:

Whenever you change lanes, check your rearview and side mirrors and check your blind spot for vehicles beside and behind you.


#4. A blind spot is the area of the road:

Blind spots are areas which cannot be seen when using your mirrors. To see vehicles in the blind spots you have to turn your head and glance over your shoulder. Check quickly. Do not take your eyes off of the road ahead of you for more than an instant.

It is dangerous to drive in another motorist’s blind spot.


#5. What type of road sign is the vertical rectangular shape generally used for?

Vertical rectangle is usually used for regulatory signs (such as speed limits).


#6. When passing another vehicle, you may exceed the speed limit:

You must obey speed limits. If you have to speed to pass, you probably do not need to pass.


#7. To back your vehicle safely:

When backing out from a diagonal or straight-in position, be sure that the way is clear, look over your shoulder while backing, and yield to approaching traffic. Never rely on your rearview mirror alone. Turn around and look through the rear window. Back slowly.


#8. If your vehicle breaks down on a highway, you should always:

If you have a breakdown, move your vehicle off the pavement onto the right shoulder, or as far to the right as is practical. Raise the hood of your vehicle and tie a white handkerchief or piece of cloth on the antenna. At night, leave your lights on and use whatever warning devices you may have. Do not stand beside your vehicle. And do not walk along an interstate.


#9. Whenever you stop your car and go into a store to make a quick purchase, you:

To park safely, set the parking brake, turn off the ignition switch, remove the keys, and put the vehicle in low gear if your transmission is standard, and park, if it is automatic. It is also advisable to raise the windows and lock the doors.


#10. Why should you slow down and be prepared to stop when following a truck with hazardous load and there is a railroad crossing ahead?

If outside a business or residence district, the following vehicles must always stop at a railroad crossing:

  • A vehicle carrying passengers for hire.
  • A school bus carrying any school child.
  • A vehicle carrying explosive substances of flammable liquids.

Remember to watch out for vehicles which must stop whether or not a train is coming.


#11. What should you expect ahead when you see this sign?

Yield ahead. This sign warns of a yield sign ahead. Slow down and be prepared to stop at yield sign.


#12. This sign means:

Right lane ends, merge left.


#13. Why should you not use your high beam headlights when driving in fog?

When driving in fog, you should always use your low beams. Using high beams in fog reduces visibility. The light reflects back and can blind you.


#14. To obtain a learner's permit when you are not enrolled in an approved high school driver education course, you must be at least:

You must be at least 15 years old to apply for a learner’s permit.

If you are a high school student at least 14 years old, and are currently enrolled in an approved high school driver education course, you may apply for a temporary learner’s permit.


#15. To make sure you are not driving in a truck's blind spot, you should:

If you cannot see the side mirrors of the truck, the truck driver cannot see you.

Do not follow the vehicle too closely and do not linger in the driver’s blind spots. Instead, position your vehicle so that the truck driver can see your vehicle in his side mirrors.


#16. Smoking marijuana while driving is:

Driving under the influence of marijuana is a crime in Mississippi.


#17. What does this sign mean?

Winding road. The road ahead is winding with a series of curves or turns. Adjust your speed.


#18. Drivers may be temporarily blinded at night by which of the following?

If you meet a vehicle at night with bright or blinding headlights, the safest thing to do is to dim your lights and keep your eyes on the right side of the road.

Never attempt to compensate by wearing darkened glasses. At night, or on dark days, the use of such glasses will only reduce your vision further.


#19. A solid white line between lanes of traffic means:

A single, solid white line means travel in the same direction is permitted on both sides of the line. Crossing a single white line is discouraged. Don’t cross line unless it is necessary to avoid danger.


#20. Flashing Do Not Walk or Raised Hand lights mean that a pedestrian:

Flashing Do Not Walk or Raised Hand lights mean do not leave the curb, but complete crossing. The traffic signal is about to change.


#21. In which situation are you allowed to overtake a stopped school bus?

You may proceed when the flashing red lights are no longer actuated, the hand-operated stop sign is retracted and all children have crossed the street or highway.


#22. What is the maximum speed limit on Natchez Trace Parkway?

The speed limit is 50 mph on Natchez Trace Parkway.


#23. Which traffic light has the same meaning as a stop sign?

A flashing red light has the same meaning as a stop sign. It means you must STOP completely and proceed with caution, following the rules for yielding right-of-way at intersections.


#24. Which of the following is true about driving on a wet roadway?

Chances of hydroplaning increase as speeds increase.

When there is water on the roadway, reduce your speed. High speeds under such conditions can cause your tires to lose traction and your vehicle to hydroplane out of control.


#25. If you want to make a right turn at an intersection ahead, your first step is to:

If you are not already in the right lane, move into the right lane well ahead of the turn.

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The Official Mississippi Permit & Driver Exam
  Exam Questions: 30
  Passing score: 80%
  Correct answers to pass: 24
  Allotted time to complete test:
  Wait time before retest: 1 day

Mississippi Permit & Driver License Test

Mississippi Practice Tests

You can now prepare for your Mississippi Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit with practice tests from

Each test has 25 random questions based on the Driver’s Manual and the real exam questions from Mississippi Driver Services Bureau.

After each question, you will get instant feedback that tells you if your answer is correct or not. When you make a mistake, there is also a short explanation to help you learn faster. Remember, if you don’t fully understand questions and answers, study the relevant chapter in the Driver’s Manual.

You can take the test as many times as you want or need. Each time, a new set of questions will be generated from a large pool of test questions.

Do I Need to Study the Driver’s Manual

Everything you must learn for your knowledge examination is found in the Driver’s Manual, which is why you must study the manual. Practice tests work best a supplement to the manual and should not be used instead of reading the manual.

You should make sure that you have the latest version of the manual. We strongly recommend you that you get a hard copy from a Driver Services office, but please note that there is a small fee for the printed copy.

You can also download a copy of the manual from their website, for which the Driver Service Bureau also charges a fee. Mississippi is currently the ONLY state in United States that charges you a fee for on online version.

Unfortunately, there are several reports of a malfunctioning download service and zero support, which is why you should go for a printed copy and not waste your money on a PDF-version.

How Should I Study for the Exam?

When you’ve read the manual, you can use the practice tests to check your progress and see which facts you might have missed.

Don’t focus on memorizing questions and answers. They can be worded differently on the real exam. True understanding will make the tester easier and will also make you a better driver.

Do not focus on memorizing - Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile

Read more about Risky Study Tactics .

Can I Take the Test online?

Mississippi Driver Service Bureau does not offer online testing from the comfort of your home. You must take the test at a service location or as part of your driver education course.

How Many Questions are on the Mississippi DPS Written Test?

Questions on the test will cover the Mississippi traffic laws and the rules of safe driving. There are 30 questions on the exam, and you must correctly answer at least 24 questions to pass. This means you must reach a score of at least 80%. You can afford to miss 6 questions.

DMV will let you take the test on computerized testing station. If you are not completely sure on how it works, ask your examiner for additional information before you start the test. The test station also includes a headset for you to use if you want audio support, which means that you have an option to let the test read the questions and choices aloud for you.

What Happens if You Fail the Test?

If you fail the test, you cannot take it again the same day. You must wait until the following business day. Should you fail your three times in a row, you must wait 30 days before you can take the test again. There is no limit on the number of times you can take the knowledge test.

Read more about preparing for your license exam: Best Way to Study

What's on the Written DMV Test - Driver's Prep

What is on the Mississippi Knowledge Exam?

The test checks the following:

  • Do you know the Mississippi traffic laws and the rules of safe driving?
  • Can you read, understand, and follow traffic signs and signals?
  • Are you a safe and skillful driver?
  • Do you understand and have the proper attitude toward the rights of pedestrians and other drivers?
  • Do you understand how to keep your vehicle in safe condition?
  • Are you physically and mentally capable of driving safely?

Who Must Take the Computerized Knowledge Exam?

In general, you must pass the Mississippi Written knowledge test:

 » When you apply for your first driver’s license or permit:
 …have never had driver’s license or permit before.

 » When you are a new resident in Mississippi with an out-of-state driver’s license:
 …and your out-of-state license has been expired for 30 days or more. You are also required to take the written knowledge test if the license is valid, but you are under 18 years of age and have held the out-of-state license for less than six months.

 » When you are a new Mississippi resident with an out-of-country license:
 …and need to transfer to a Mississippi driver’s license.

 » When you wish to renew your Mississippi driver’s license:
 …and your driver’s license has been expired for one year or more.

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