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Prepare For the DMV Test

A lot of people take their DMV knowledge test without being prepared. They think that a DMV test is all common sense since they already know how to drive. Others just get nervous, not knowing what to expect.

In fact, two out of three fail their first attempt at the DMV test.

That is why we created this site. We don’t want you to fail; we want you to pass the first time.

The Manual

Reading the driver’s manual is a must. The DMV test is all about verifying that you have done just that.

Don’t just use your eyes when you are reading. The exact recall of specific words and quotations can have the opposite effect in a test. You should try to see the bigger picture, instead of isolated facts.

Discuss questions with others. As an example, why should you use a two-second or three-second following distance? Why do the seconds matter?

Prepare in Time

Start early and read the manual. Don’t cram. Give the manual at least a week or two. After each chapter, try to summarize what you have read. What was important?

If you were to create a test, what would you ask?


Being familiar with how the test works is very important. Our practice tests are based on the way the written DMV tests work in most states. You will be given multiple-choice questions with three or four answers. Only one is correct.

Take practice tests every day until you easily score 90% or more.

The Questions

Read the question again, because this is where you are most likely to fail.

Some read too much into questions, anxious not to be the victim of a trick question. Others glance directly at the answers. When they see a familiar phrase that they believe is correct, they don’t look at the question again.

There are no trick questions on the real DMV knowledge test. Questions are usually very simple and straight-forward with clear answers. (The DMV practice tests on this site are harder!).

The difference between giving a question a quick glance or read it carefully is not that big! Remember, you are usually NOT in a hurry. Take your time!


What if you have no clue, should you guess?

You might see a real DMV question where you have really no clue about the answer. After taking our practice tests, we don’t believe that will happen, but still… What should you do in this situation?

If you can save the question until later, do that (most states allow this on their exam)! Otherwise, take a guess. But don’t despair if the answer is wrong, just move forward.

However, do not guess too often. If you have read the manual, you should know the answer. Relax and try to picture yourself with the manual. Surely it was in there somewhere? Think and discuss with yourself. Remembering images often helps.

If you need to guess several times, you are probably not ready for your DMV exam. If you fail, just prepare better next time. Go back to the manual and go back to these free practice tests.

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  1. Hi mark I am 39 yrs old and live in MN, I got a no insurance ticket and in MN you automatically lose your license for 30 days. One of the requirements to get my license back is to take the class d written test. Does that mean I will have to take the the same test a 16 yr old would have to take or do I just have to take part of the written test? And any idea how many questions will be on the test? I took the practice test one time and scored 84%

  2. I would like to take the course but my English is not very good yet, I wonder if there is any option in Spanish

    • Unfortunately, the Spanish version has been postponed again. The quality simply wasn’t good enough – not sure when it can be launched.


  4. The only reason I’m having so much trouble is that I don’t understand the terminology being used and if I had a visual example or had someone explain the what the question is supposed to be then I would have no trouble answering it and I just don’t know what to do

  5. Hello, this site was helpful. I moved into the USA over a year ago. I have been driving for the past 8years in my country . Am i suppose to take the written test all over or just the road test/practical.. Am kinda of confuse. Will Appreciate your answers . Thanks

    • It all depends on in what State you are, what country you are from, length of stay, and if you have become a resident or not. In most cases, you should find the answer on the DMV home page (your State) or in the State Driver’s Manual.

  6. Hi I was wondering what the utah permit test questions are like. How many and what type of questions. Thanks

  7. Hello
    I’m from Los angeles California.. I didn’t take test before this is my first time.. Plz suggest me about study guide and how many question in the test..

  8. This site really helps… although the test is difficult

  9. Hello! This might be a funny question but I can’t get a human to answer at the DPS here so… at 32 years old, I’ve never had a license or learner’s permit in any state. Will I get my learner’s permit first? If not, I don’t understand how I’d be able to practice for the driving test. LOL.

    Thanks for the practice tests! Now I know I’ll ace the written exam. :)

  10. Will this website help me pass my permit test

    • I need help really bad with my driver license this I trying to study it and understand it but there is things that I do not understand and I went the second time and I flunk it the second time I went to so this would be my third time going back and I really want to pass it because it’s really important for me I am desperately for help who can help me please help me

  11. I need help really bad with my drive license last time I went I miss five out of 20 questions in I did not pass at all I no how to driver but I can’t pass the test I got a car with no license

  12. If i had taken the written test3 or 4 years ago and l passed and. Failed the driver test do i have to take the. Written test over?

  13. i need a manual book for MA that is translated in Bengali is that possible somehow. or some how possible that i can take the permit test in bengali in MA.

  14. Hi, I live in Connecticut, Fairfield. I wanted to know, if I have no car, does DMW will provide me with the car for the practice test? Or it’s impossible?
    thank you in advance

  15. Ann-Denise Hattemer April 9, 2015 at 11:01 am

    I would like to report an error in the Driver Prep test. The maximum speed you can drive on a freeway is 70 mph not 55 mph. The test said it was 55 mph. Please correct this problem. Thank you. Sincerely, Ann-Denise Hattemer.

    • Ann-Denise, thank you for using our website. There is a report function after each question, it helps a lot if you use that function. Right now, this becomes a guessing game for me. Judging from the IP address you are in Kansas. The only question on that practice test that has 55 mph as the correct answer is this one:

      That question, however, does not ask for the speed limit on a freeway, but the maximum speed limit on any county or township highway. Page 11 in the Kansas Driving Handbook.

  16. hi i live in nc is this test going to help me r am i just doing this for no reason?

    • To verify that you have the knowledge required to pass the test – yes.

      If you expect to get all answers without really making an effort to learn the content of the driver handbook – no.


    • All questions on the exam are from the California Handbook. Most of the time phrases used in the questions are easily identified from the handbook. So I am not really sure what you mean.

      Your IP address tells me you are in CA, so I assume that was the test you took.

  18. Hello, I’m in Georgia, how many question and what’s the past mark?

  19. This is well recommended site if you wanna passed the writtten test…because I passed mine yesterday for my second test how I wish I find this from the start,so I can pass on my first attempt..:-)

  20. Hi my name is Pamela and I just moved back to California and have to take the written test. I have a Oklahoma driver lic. I’m 57 yrs old and had driver lic for many years. Can you tell me how many questions are on the test? And how should I study for this test?

    • Expect 18 questions (less than the 36 given to new applicants). 3 errors are allowed.

      I think you should read the California driver handbook carefully. Take several practice tests here (you can ignore questions that are specific to permits and minors) and aim for a score of at least 90%.

      Questions on our practice tests are somewhat harder than the real test.

  21. these tests help me to re-think carefully each situation that I could possibly be in. each situation is so different on the road and I love it when each question is clarified if I get the question wrong. Each life is at stake when we are driving and I am so aware of this. Thank you so much as I need to think each question through. not just get the right answer. Penny

  22. My name is bianka I live in Unitedv state of Naples I failed my test 4times can you help me please

  23. i live in CT and i am 25 of age .. i want to know how much mins they give u to do the test?

  24. Hi my names rafael i need help with some questions i live in oregon

  25. I’m 18 an wont to get my license

  26. Hi I live in Nevada I’m 15 and I take my permit test in 2 weeks …What is the passing score??? and How many questions are there???

    • There are 50 multiple-choice questions on the Nevada DMV knowledge exam. Passing score is 80 percent, meaning you must correctly answer at least 40 questions to pass.

  27. I live in Arkansas and I’m studying for my test. What’s the best way to study and I’m 14.

    • Getting the Alabama official driver manual is a first and necessary step. You can find it at your local DMV office or on-line (pdf-version). Then, you must read and study the manual. Glancing through this booklet and trying to memorize it is not enough. Give it plenty of time.

      In other words, start preparing at least a few months before your actual permit test. Divide the manual in small chunks and make a time plan. It might sound boring, but being well-structured usually helps a lot. Start taking practice tests, when you feel that you know the content. Tests should be used for verifying knowledge rather than gaining knowledge.

      Taking tests together with someone and discussing questions and answers also helps a lot!

      This is an excellent article on this subject: 7 Study Tips

  28. hi am for philadelphia ifailed my permit the first time can i found it in arabic

    • Salwa,

      Our practice tests are in English only.

      The official driver knowledge test is offered in English and Spanish at all DMV locations in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I don’t know if any location also offer tests in Arabic. I think you should contact your local DMV office and ask.

  29. I m 18 and I have failed 2 times in permit test . Will you tell me how should I prepare. I live in new mexico. Thank you

  30. January 9, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    I’m 16 and I pass for my first try :) Thanks a lot!!!!!

  31. yes i am 27 and i live and alabama what do i need to pass the permit test

    • The graduated driver license program does not apply to individuals who are age 18 or older. To pass your driver’s license written test you must learn the content of Alabama Driver Manual which you can get from a local DPS office or online Passing score is 80%.

  32. Like it

  33. Hi I’m Taylor, I live in North Dakota and I’m taking my permit test tomorrow and I’m 13 years old. How many questions are there and how much am I able to get wrong?

  34. Hello, I live in in CA and do not have my permit, do I still need to take the permit test in order to get a driver’s license even though I am 18?

  35. Hi I live in scranton p.a and I was wondering how many questions will b on the permit test im 23 of age

  36. I live in califorina how many questions do they give u for a driving written test.

  37. What is the passing score in mississippi? I take the test in 4 days. How many questions are there?

  38. I Live in TN How many questions they have on the written test >?> I have been practicing on sites like crazy … Im going to take a written test next week i hope I will do good!…

  39. Thanks you , I passe mmy test and I get my driving license,

  40. im in many questions do i need to have right to get my permit?

  41. I am wondering what score it takes to pass the Arkansas written drivers test?

  42. I have my last instructions permit test, will I switch to license test immediately? Because I am ready for it now i don’t want instructions permit, I am 32 years old, and I am in Arizona Phoenix

  43. I am from nc and I want to know how many do I have to get right to pass the test

  44. Why don’t u bring pictures of the questions in the real test

  45. I live in Owingsville KY how many question would I need to get right to get my permit?

  46. I very failed the exams twice and am going to take another test tomorrow am really scared. but I have practice more questions on this website

  47. I first come to United States Phoenix Arizona I go for instructions permit test and I failed because off English but now I study the book and take a lot of online free practice test, can I go for driving license test ? Not instructions permit test

  48. i live in Virginia, and i would like to know what score i would need to get to pass my permit test. i take this test on saterday

  49. I went in last summer to take my permit test when I was 15. I failed. I studied the manual 3 times, took a lot of pretests, and studied with my sis prior to that. I wonder what went wrong.

    • It is, of course, impossible to answer your question. We all learn differently. A common mistake, though, is trying to memorize instead of really understanding.

      Reading and answering practice questions may not be the same thing as learning. Sometimes, we spend time just gathering and trying to memorize information rather than processing and assimilating the information.

      This is why our tests are designed to approach the same knowledge items from different aspects. Using practice questions to study is a good way of learning, but any sample test need to trigger reflective thinking and user activity. A good idea is not to focus too much on your score. Instead, think critically and reflect on each question. Ask yourself why and how.

      If you are in a car and somebody else is driving, look around. Do you know all the road signs? Where are they placed? And why? Look at traffic. Who is doing the right thing? Who is not? What would you do? And so on…

      Discussing the manual and each test with your sister is a very good idea. Keep doing that. And good luck.

  50. nicasius asong awungdeh December 5, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    Good evening to you people,i live in Philadelphia and I want to know how many that you must score for you to past the test and also how many times you are required to take the test if you failed the first time,thanks.

  51. I’m in Alabama and want to know how long I have to take the test and how many I have to answer correct? Thanks

  52. Good Morning,I want to ask if how many items and percent the passing for DMV Written test at Texas?Thank You

    • Last I checked, you needed 21 correct answers out of 30 (70%). One of the lowest passing scores, but then again the Texas Handbook may the most complex. The test finishes when you have reached 21 correct answers.

  53. my name’s rose i want 2 ask some guestion there’s no way dat u can do the test online.

    • If you mean online from home, then basically, no. But you should check with your local DMV. Florida, as an example, offer this from some third-party websites.

  54. I’ve read my manual three times, and still get stuck on some of these questions, am I missing something in particular?

  55. Finally got 3 back to back to back at 100%. I hope these tests mimic the real version.


  56. i studied 3 times for a week each and failed all 3 am i doing something wrong .?


  58. I live in nashville tn.. How many written question they provided..? I just found this site this look so helpfull Im about to study the book and take this test everyday any help would appreciated )

  59. Why isn’t there any flashcards to practice permit test questions?

    • We simply don’t believe in flashcards. They provide casual and superficial knowledge. When preparing for a learner’s permit exam we believe memorizing words and phrases instead of trying to understand why and will cause you to fail. That is why we offer a wide variety of questions, comments, and explanations.

  60. Tank u for this site I pass my computer test today am so happy tank u soo mush .esther

  61. That’s to this site I passed my written test. . If didn’t have too many similar questions but I’m glad I 27 right out if 30..wohooooooooo. .I practiced with this test until I got at least 90 %..I’m in tx..

  62. Janice Whitespeare October 15, 2014 at 5:55 am

    I am 76 so have to take written test next year. I never pass the eye exam and do not know why I just seem to blank out when I have to take the eye exam and have to go to my eye doctor and get an eye exam and go back to dmv. Also on the tests I am not good at remembering the signs and also the what the color of curbs mean. I know what red means but the others I have a hard time remembering. I do not drive on the freeway anymore and really just need my car for grocery shopping and taking my son or myself to the doctor. I take care of my son who is disabled and I have to pick up his meds and go to his pain doctor and get the paper perscription every month so I really freeze up when I have to go take this test. Have no accidents or tickets. This site helps me a lot and used it last time I had to renew my license.

  63. Thank I sooooo much I passed mytest today

  64. I need to know are the practice test questions the same as the ones at the DMV?

    • NO website publish the actual DMV questions. This includes practice tests published by DMV/DPS on their on websites or in manuals.

  65. I passed the test before, however for other reasons i have to take it again i failed it three times then passed after i studied.. This test is way harder then the actual test am scoring 85% and up I take three test a day.. Do you think am ready to take the test..

  66. These practice test help so much. Thanks.

  67. I just took three practice tests in a row and got the same score each time. It was kinda weird because I didn’t try to get a certain number right or wrong, it just happened. I’m about to go take the real test in a couple hours, and I feel confident that I can pass it. (With just a smidgen of nervousness)

  68. Where can i take an 8-hours safe driving practices course in Connecticut? Do i need to take another test after that?

  69. I cant get pass some of the question its really hard

  70. In New Jersey u need to pass 40 question out of 50 in this website u need to pass 20 out of 25 do u think that I n this way it prepare us to pass or is there another web site like that which has 50 question

    • Samra,

      You can easily verify your progress with our tests, which we think is most important. The database for New Jersey holds 700 questions, and is likely to grow over the next two weeks. If you take two tests (2 x 25), you are very likely to get two completely different tests, meaning 50 unique questions.

      But I hear you! In a near future, we will probably make it possible to pick practice tests with more or fewer questions.

  71. Should I read the book also or should I just take the practice test on here

    • You should definitely read the manual first. Read it carefully.

      Learning the rules of road and safe driving practices is extremely important. Taking your learner’s permit or license is NOT about passing the exam; it is about learning how to drive.

      Remember, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among teenagers. 2,823 teenagers ages 13-19 died in motor vehicle crashes in 2012. Many more were seriously injured.

  72. I’ve gotten 72% on my first try not bad!

  73. I studied for a few days and never made it, I am so confuse, I went to take the test and fail twice…I have one more chance….but I just can’t understand it..I haven’t gotten a ticket or had an accident….so I know how to drive and be careful… I don’t go now very far…what happen if I don’t passed…Sacramento woman..

  74. How many test does one take in Louisiana in terms of questions?i heard someone say 60,that’s a lot!!!!

  75. I have already failed twice so far.. Once because I didn’t study but the second time I studied the book and still failed.. I go back to take it on Monday, I will be doing these practice tests as much as I can till then. Thank you for providing such a wonderful site!

  76. I just took the test without studying and got a score of68percent I need to study

  77. The older version of this web site was much better than the new one

    • I am sorry to hear that. There were two major reasons behind the change: previously you could not use the back button in your browser and there was an additional answer button which took up valuable space.

      Feel free to tell us what you think was better in the old version and we will see if it is possible to compromise!

      • First good thing in older version of this web site is when u finish the test web site tells u that u r passed or not from this u come to know that how prepare u r and the second good is when u choose the option in question u get another option which is next question from this u have chance to change mind to choose other one before the next question

      • 1. It is true that the old version of our tests told you if you “passed” or not. We think that knowing your score and percentage should be enough for you to judge yourself how good you are doing. If it is a strong wish among users to get it back, we can certainly fix that.

        2. It has never been possible to go back and change your answer (it never affected your final score). It is now clearer that you cannot.

  78. I’ve taken this test multiple times and I’m sure I’m beyond ready for the real thing.

  79. I go for my test tomorrow. ….I m nervous. ..huuuuh

  80. I really really recommend this site for everyone preparing it is really good. Just finished my written test and it went so well. wish I had not even studied the manual. Just kidding!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH it really helped me ace the test

  81. This website really helped me when i took my permit test the 1st time. I felt relaxed when i took the real test. And because of this i passed!

  82. am taking my test tomorrow so nervous

  83. Going to take my test tomorrow.. Scared but excited.. Wish me luck(crossed fingers)..These practice test are perfect!!*Mona* xoxoxo

  84. Massachusetts written test requires at least 18 out of 25 questions answered correctly, which is 72%, not 80% as in your website test.

  85. So I didn’t even really read the booklet, I just read and answered the questions on the back. But after taking the practice tests on this website a couple of times, I already feel so confident that I can pass the permit test. Three days ago, I wouldn’t have been able to take the test, but I could probably go out today and pass the test with flying colors. This is by far the best site to use when practicing for your permit test. :)

  86. TheMockingJayLives July 29, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    My mom took this test without studying and she passed first time! I’m 16 and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything special in my teenage years so far, the least I can do Is get my permit . I’m thinking about taking the test in august I’m kinda scared though because I failed this practice test :(

  87. Well I can honestly say after these prep tests that I do feel much more competent of my knowledge. Thank you so much for your help with preping. Kaye.

  88. I say right? 49 now ,let my joints exlike maybe 16 or 17 years ago.Noww im 3 years good and I must take the whole joint over again.WOW!!!

  89. I pray I pass. Wish me Luck

  90. What do you know about the permit test in WV? I have been obsessed with these tests and I’m just terrifed of failing my permit test today……

    • Usually easier said than done… But, try to relax. Don’t read anything into questions that isn’t there. They should be pretty straight forward. Just take your time and read everything carefully. Good Luck!

  91. i dont know if there is any thing i can do 2 pass the writting test online i dont mine please.

  92. when i first write the test i fail it. bescause when i read i dont understand, but if i make it online i use tu pass it i dont know why.

  93. Were these questions will appear in the real learners permit exam

  94. Hope I pass wish me luck.

  95. Am to study but still can not pass what can I do

  96. man this is awesome i should be ready soon too.

  97. I took my test today and passed !!! These website helped so muchhhhhhh , i am soo thankful for this website , you still need to read the book also !!!! Goood luck eveyone

  98. i will be taking the test on tues. wish me luck and prayer

  99. I’ll taking my test tomorrow I’ll hopefully pass in the name Jesus

  100. I just passed my test with 100% score yesterday. I read the manual book and took few times your online test to make sure which areas of driving rules I have to improve. Thank you!

  101. Are these questions on here the same as a REAL DMV test??

  102. el traductor no sabe bien el espanol

    • We will launch a Spanish version in 2015 or 2016. Until then, Google translate, or whatever you were using, is the only option.

  103. Do I have to make an appointment to renew my driving license in California?

  104. I would say i did fairly well, for the fact that i have never been to the U S

  105. hi my name is yemmy,i stay in Indiana, in some weeks time I will be doing my driving exams I will like to ask you how many question I mine suppose to answered and what are the things required of me to come with for the exam? And how many days will take me to get my driving license since I have a driver license from another state?thanks

  106. I’ve just passed the NY test with 100% thanks to your site.Thank you very much.

  107. The final score page at the end of each test is very difficult to read because it is “fine” black print on a blue background. The contrast is difficult to see for those of us with “elderly'” eyeballs. It’s pretty, but not practical. Thanks for the practice. Terry

    • Terry!

      Most of us see a white background! That is the way it should be. Only some headings are white with a blue background. I will contact you to get more information about your browser and OS.

      • Since the e-mail you left isn’t working, I could not get in touch with you. If you want us to investigate, please use the contact form.

  108. I encountered this site and exactly planning to take my exam for driving permit in Ohio. Can I ask how many questions need to be answered and how many percentage will be a passing one? Thanks!

    • Latest information I have for Ohio is: 20 motor vehicle regulations questions plus 20 road signs questions. Passing score of 75% (on both separately).

      But it is always a good idea to check with your local BMV office (They do not always announce changes).

  109. I am so so very greatful to the organizers of this site. I went through most of the sites but none of them was easy to understand and gave full clear explanations like this one. It was after practicing the tests and reading the explanations that come after the answers that I could understand the hand book. I took my written test in Texas yesterday and needless to say I passed with 90%. I only missed three questions. I would recommend this site to everyone in Texas who is preparing to do the driving test. It was a vey huge part of my success. Thanks again.

  110. In the state of Maryland, I thought that when a traffic light isn’t working you treat the intersection as a four-way stop sign. Meaning everyone stops and then you yield to the driver on your right. The correct answer in this test said that you slow down and yield to others…..well if that is the case why do we have traffic lights to begin with. Just wondering.

    • Most states require you to stop (4-way stop). Personally, I agree with you and think it is a good idea to always stop and make sure it is safe to proceed. The state of Maryland, however, does not require this.

      You can read this in the Maryland Driver’s Manual on page 11: When a traffic signal is not working, you should approach the intersection slowly, being prepared to stop and yield to other traffic. Then proceed only when the way is clear.

  111. Tânia Boccia Damasceno April 9, 2014 at 6:00 am

    my name is Tânia
    I am preparing to take the test this week in the State of Florida.
    I am Brazilian and my English and my Spanish is not perfect.

    1) Can I bring a dictionary to the test?
    2) The practical test is done on the same day?
    3) What is the total number of questions asked in the test?
    4) Credit Card (VISA) International is accepted for payment?
    5) What is the “current” amount should I pay?
    Thank you. Wish me good luck!

    • I would recommend you to contact your local DMV office to verify. Things change and sometimes locations have different services.

      Language and dictionary: Ask for a test in Portuguese (some States have it) or if you can bring the dictionary (usually allowed). If you are under 18 and taking the permit test, you can do it online, meaning the dictionary shouldn’t be any problem.

      Same day: For the full license, yes, usually.

      Questions: First part is a road sign test which consists of 20 road signs for you to identify by color, shape or meaning. Second part is a multiple choice test which consists of 20 questions regarding Florida traffic laws. (Passing 75%)

      Credit Card: Normally, yes.

      Fees: Check this table:

  112. Your sites help me a lot. I took my permit test today and I passed it got only 2 mistakes though but it’s ok I passed it. Thank you so much you guys help me a lot

  113. tnx for d site very helpfull

  114. This website is really very helpful for preparing for permit test.would you please tell me the actual number of questions asked and time allowed therein.

    • Depends on your state. Think you are asking about Wisconsin. Latest info I have is 50 questions. Passing score 80% and the recommended time to allow for testing is 45 minutes.

  115. im 27 years old haven’t gotten my permit yet.. ive been busy and always have to depend others, for the hard part for me is remembering the things i study a forgetful person and have bad remembering.. is there any other way i can pass my test.. ive use this site and failed more then ten times.. sometimes i got all them down like flying colors then when it comes to the actual test.. i get some right and some wrong.. Help!!

  116. I am so glad that I came across this site. It was extremely helpful, even as an International student and new to this country, I was able to pass the exams the first time I took it.

    • Thank you Mark for this amazing site. I am taking the test next Tuesday and this test will help alot! Great Idea! :)

  117. I speak Bangla and also I can read Bangla so can I have a test with Bangla language?

  118. nardia j pennant March 1, 2014 at 2:18 am

    Thanx for dis site I have permit test a lots.

  119. thank u so much for this website! it really helps! im taking my test in the spring, so hopefully i pass!

  120. Thank you so much, this is the best website that I’ve found to practice, and all the explanation is so clear and truly.

  121. This practice test helped me alot!!!! I really liked it! I am going to show it to alot of my friends that are going to take there tests!! BTW i passed mine missed 5 out of 30!! SO IT IS WHAT IT IS!! ;)

  122. Woohoo! I passed my test the very first time and I give a lot I’d credit to this site, :) and I’m super glad u asked that question to you mark because it was in my test xD

  123. I’m taking my test tomorrow and the one thing u can’t figure out is how many seconds your supposed to follow behind a motorcycle and how many seconds are you supposed to follow behind another vehicle (btw I live in Oregon)

    • Usually it is enough to know what the 2-4 second rule is, and when you need to increase your following distance. The number of seconds is a rule of thumb – not defined by law. Combine slippery roads and following a motorcycle and you might want to keep a minimum distance of 6-8 seconds to be safe. The exact following distance is related to a lot of things, but mainly your speed, road conditions, and how quickly you can stop.

      Never stay closer than two seconds (increase when following a motorcycle) and not closer than 4 seconds at higher speeds.

      Page 36 in the Oregon manual lists situations when you need extra room. Make sure you know them, and why the extra room is needed.

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    • Souad, only offers practice tests in English. In addition, the final tests in Virginia are, as far as I know, only offered in English in Spanish.

      Here is what you can do:

      – Start by asking your local DMV office about translations.

      – Check with local driving schools. Some independent schools might help you locate a study manual and practice tests in Arabic.

      – Some other states, like NY and NC, have material in Arabic. Perhaps you can use such material to study the basic rules.

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    • Yes, you will usually find information about requirements in your driver’s manual. Otherwise, check your state DMV website. The examiner will check for basic safety, lights, and more. Don’t forget proof of insurance.

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    • Thank you for reporting this. You are absolutely correct. This error (copy and paste mistake) has now been fixed.

      Whenever you encounter an error or confusing answer look for a link below the comment to report the question.

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