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West Virginia DMV Tests

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We Help You Pass the West Virginia Knowledge Test

Every practice test at Driver’s Prep has 25 random questions from a large database with exam questions. You can find all answers in the West Virginia Driver’s Licensing Handbook, so make sure you read it.

When you study, use the practice test to verify your progress. Aim for a full score (100%).

Get the West Virginia Driver’s Licensing Handbook

Pick up at hard copy of the handbook at any local DMV office or download a PDF version online. The handbook has a clear focus on road safety and mentions many “dos and don’ts”. Some of them will show up on your test.

When you read the handbook, move on to the practice tests. Try to fully understand questions and answers. Don’t just memorize them. The test asks questions in many different ways. Only one option is correct, but the options to a question aren’t always the same.

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Read more about questions and answers on the practice tests: Is it the Same Questions on the Real DMV Test?

Take enough tests to make sure you can reach a score of 96 percent with ease.

Who Must Pass the West Virginia Knowledge Exam?

If you’ve never held a driver’s license before, you must pass the knowledge examination before DMV will give a license.

When you move to West Virginia and have an out-of-state license that has expired, DMV will treat you as a first-time applicant. You must take all examination tests, vision, written, and road skills examination before DMV issues a West Virginia license.

If your out-of-state license is still valid, you must pass a vision test, complete a brief alcohol awareness course, and surrender your out-of-state license. DMV will waive the written knowledge test.

If another state has suspended or revoked your license, you will not get a license in West Virginia until you receive a clearance.

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Anyone who lets his or her West Virginia license expire more than six months must also pass all applicable examination tests.

An expired regular Instruction Permit (ages 18 and over) also requires a re-examination.

If you lose you driving privilege because of a license revocation, you must re-apply for a new license after the revocation period and take all examination tests.

You must also take the written knowledge examination if the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles has good cause to believe you are incompetent or otherwise not qualified to be licensed.

How Many Questions are on the West Virginia Knowledge Test

The West Virginia knowledge examination has at least 25 questions covering basic knowledge, traffic rules, regulations, signs, and markings found in the Driver’s Licensing Handbook. You must answer 19 out of 25 questions correctly (76%).

Passing Score in West Virginia is 76 percent

In West Virginia, there is a time limit on the written test. If you fail to answer some questions within the allotted time, they are counted as incorrect.

Audio versions of the knowledge test are available for the reading impaired. The applicant must have previously attempted the written examination and failed at least two times. Headsets are limited.

Oral tests are not available. Employees of the DMV may not read the questions to you, re-word the information, or provide additional help explaining questions.

No other person than the applicant is allowed in the exam room. No cell phones, PDA, blue-tooth devices, electronic devices, or similar will be permitted.

100 Tests

There are 100 practice tests waiting for you. Take as many as you need. Take them as often as you like.

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