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Washington State DMV tests

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Washington State (WA) – Practice Permit Test

You can double your chances of passing the WA DOL permit test with Driver’s Prep. Each sample test is easy to use. Every time you pick a start practice test you will see 40 random questions from a database with more than 1,000 questions. It gives you plenty of practice for the DOL exam.

After each question, you get instant feedback. You will know if your answer is correct or not. Should you make a mistake, there is also a brief explanation. Use the comment to learn faster and, when needed, read more about the topic in the Driver Guide.

Start by Getting the Washington State Driver Guide

Get the Washington State Driver Guide - Cover photo

When you prepare for the knowledge test, start by getting the latest version of the Washington State Driver Guide. Get a clear picture of the content and focus on learning the important Washington laws.

After studying the guide, use these practice tests to check your progress and if you are ready for the real driver’s exam or not.



The passing score in Washington is 80 percent. On the real examination, this means you must answer 32 out of 40 questions correctly.

On our sample tests, you should aim for a 100% score. Every question counts. The more comfortable you are with all questions and answers, the more likely you are to pass the examination.

Focus on true learning, instead of just memorizing answers.

Remember, investing in knowledge always pays off. The more you know, the stronger you stand. Invest in your future today.

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Who Needs to Take the Knowledge Exam?

All first-time applicants must pass the Washington written knowledge test.

When moving to Washington, the knowledge test can be waived if you hold a valid out-of-state license. If you are under 18, you must show us proof that you have completed a driver-training course meeting Washington standards.

If you hold an out-of-country license you are usually required to pass all examinations. DOL will waive the knowledge and drive test if you hold a valid driver’s license from British Columbia, Germany, South Korea, or Taiwan.

When renewing your license, you must pass a new vision test. The Department of Licensing can also ask you to take both the knowledge and driving test again, if they find it necessary. Chances of a necessary re-test increase with age.

What You Need to Know about the Washington Written Test

The purpose of the knowledge test is to verify that you understand road signs, traffic laws, and safe-driving practices before you can drive on Washington roadways.

The test is based on information found in the Washington Driver Guide. Make sure you read it! Just taking practice tests is not a good idea.

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You can take the test at all driver licensing offices. You will use a computerized test station, unless you have notified DOL about any special needs.

The knowledge exam is a multiple-choice test with 40 questions. If you miss more than 8 questions on the exam, you may have to wait before you can retest.

Remember, before you can take the exam, you must apply online or at a WA driver license office.



The new 40-question test focus more on distracted driving and the use of cellphones. Both texting and the use of a handheld phone while driving is against the law. Drivers with an intermediate license or instruction permit cannot use any wireless device while driving, not even a hands-free phone.

You will also be asked questions about impaired driving, including the use of marijuana.

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