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United States Permit and License Passing Scores


Total Passing Scores in all States

The following is a list of the passing score in all states.

In states where the knowledge test has two parts with a separate road sign test, an average score from both parts are used.

You should, however, be aware that Road sign tests usually have a higher passing score, like Virginia where you must correctly answer all 10 road sign questions (100%).

California has three different tests, depending on your age and if you are a first-time applicant or not. The passing score vary slightly depending on test.

A lower passing score does not necessarily mean that the DMV test is easier. Number of questions on the test and type of questions are also important. Some states have “true-or-false” statements, which is generally considered easier. Other state focus more on road signs, which is also easier.


State & Questions Passing Score
Alabama 30 80%
Alaska 20 80%
Arizona 30 80%
Arkansas 25 80%
California 36 83%
Colorado 25 80%
Connecticut 25 80%
Delaware 25 76%
District of Columbia 25 75%
Florida 50 80%
Georgia 40 75%
Hawaii 30 80%
Idaho 40 85%
Illinois 35 80%
Indiana 50 84%
Iowa 35 80%
Kansas 25 80%
Kentucky 40 80%
Louisiana 40 80%
Maine 30 80%
Maryland 25 88%
Massachusetts 25 72%
Michigan 80 70%
Minnesota 40 80%
Mississippi 30 80%
Missouri 25 80%
Montana 33 82%
Nebraska 25 80%
Nevada 50 80%
New Hampshire 40 80%
New Jersey 50 80%
New Mexico 50 70%
New York 20 70%
North Carolina 25 80%
North Dakota 25 80%
Ohio 40 75%
Oklahoma 50 80%
Oregon 35 80%
Pennsylvania 18 84%
Rhode Island 25 80%
South Carolina 30 80%
South Dakota 25 80%
Tennessee 30 80%
Texas 30 70%
Utah 25 80%
Vermont 20 80%
Virginia 35 86%
Washington 40 80%
West Virginia 25 76%
Wisconsin 50 80%
Wyoming 25 76%

Passing Score on the DMV Test


Four states (Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, and Texas) have the lowest passing score, 70 percent. In addition, Massachusetts and New York have only 20 questions on their test.

Texas has 30 questions on the test.

States with the lowest passing score on the written test:

State Passing Score
Michigan 70%
New Mexico 70%
New York 70%
Texas 70%
Massachusetts 72%

In 7 states, the passing score is higher than 80%.

Three states (Idaho, Maryland, and Virginia) have a passing score of 85 percent or more. Idaho has 40 questions on their test, Maryland has only 20 questions, and Virginia has 35 questions (of which 10 are road sign questions).

States with the highest passing score on the written test:

State Passing Score
Maryland 88%
Virginia 86%
Idaho 85%
Indiana 84%
Pennsylvania 84%
California 83%
Montana 82%

80% is Most Common

In most states, you need a score of 80 percent to pass.

32 states have a passing score of 80 percent. Most of these states have 25 questions on the test, which means you must correctly answer 20 questions to pass the exam.


  1. James Davis June 3, 2021

    In South Carolina on my road test if I can’t parallel park what happens

    • If you knock down the cones (the same as hitting another car), it is usually an automatic failure. Stopping too far from the curb gives you demerit points, and you have less chances of passing. But instead of worrying too much about this, I would just practice. With enough experience you will probably discover that parallel parking isn’t that difficult, after all.

  2. We live in the Columbia county of Arkansas and my child been practicing over and over in that book. She took the test 5 times and still didn’t pass. People are saying it depends on the person that working in there that may have something to do with who passes and why some don’t. Some questions seem to not be in the book and its difficult. These kids have no idea which ones was wrong or right. It’s frustrating for them.

    • I truly understand that failing 5 times must be extremely frustrating, but failing a few times isn’t that uncommon. A person administering the test can’t influence the result. Tests/questions are random.

      On a multi-choice test an answer is either correct or not.

      Don’t know if all tests in Arkansas are computerized. If they are, you get feedback after each question and will know if you answered correctly or not. If tests are on paper, you can see the result and should be able to see questions you missed. Sixth time: make sure you talk to the examiner about this before the test!

      A knowledge tests is supposed to be difficult. Driving is not a task or responsibility that you should take lightly.

      You need to truly understand and learn the content of the study guide. All questions on the final exam are based on this guide.

  3. Hamburn,Sarah October 31, 2016

    I need help to pass my writen test pls. In Connecticut pls. Reply

  4. Judy Wiggins August 26, 2016

    How soon can you take the test again if you do not pass?

    • Depends on state. Most states require you to wait until the next day, a few a little longer than that. You may find the information here: or in you state driver’s manual.

      If you fail, you probably missed 20% or more. That indicates that you aren’t really ready. Take a few days to study some more.

  5. Schneither July 12, 2016

    Please I need some help to pass CT written driving test.

  6. Diana Claudio June 17, 2016

    This is a nice web site but your answer sound like they are being answered by a file?
    Or some kind of pre written answered book!

  7. Frank Shimabukuro June 16, 2016

    Ti whom it may concerns
    I have requested the Senior Driver test for Safe Driving book and tha is the same book that every one gets personally at the DMV, local office for general public.
    Is is really diferent book ? I am senior age of 82 and longer do a lot of driving.
    Is there any other book or regulations for senior?
    I will appreciate a reply
    F. Shimabukuro

    • Depends on state. Many states have published separate information for teens and/or seniors. It doesn’t mean that laws and regulations are different. It just means that the information focus on areas that are more important when you are a senior or a teen. Same thing with tests. In some states, like California, the renewal test for seniors has fewer questions (18), while the first test for teens has more questions than the regular test.

      Ask your local DMV for the complete driver handbook/manual and/or any separate publication for seniors.

      • Sheila May 4, 2021

        Hi. I have heard the cheat sheet you can purchase to help with taking your renewal test is a waste of money. What are your thoughts on this issue? Thank you for your time!!

      • Depends. It’s a tool that helps some, but not all. We all learn differently and not all state tests are the same (some are easy, some are difficult), so it really boils down to who you are and what you expect from the cheat sheet. Don’t think of it as a way of skipping the manual or practice tests. “Active learning” usually works better.

        For a renewal test, I doubt that you need it.

  8. heroleen June 7, 2016

    need help for passing the Austin Minnesota driver license

  9. I think that the pass score should be different depending on age group, like, lower for senior who drive only in local area to shop or other activity and higher for lovely youngster who should know very well to regulation and get more practice. Are there any difference now in California? Hope to get your kind reply. Thanks

  10. kevin andrew April 20, 2016

    How many questions are for New Mexico and how many do we need to answer correctly to pass the test?

  11. P.D. Gulley April 8, 2016

    I have had a valaid Tennessee licenses. Ehat will i need to get z California licences. Do i take a test.

  12. Virendra Kumar Singh March 27, 2016


    I need US driving licence in NJ and I have valid Indian driving licence.
    Only issue with that, it contains my sort name like V. K. Singh.
    So will they consider this as valid or not?

    Virendra Singh

    • If the license isn’t expired, it is valid. When applying for a NJ license, you should, however, be prepared with additional documents that prove your identity.

  13. Diana Claudio March 22, 2016

    Thank eversomuch for getting back to me I was thinking this was all computer generated its good to know there are good KDO operators that take care of customer svrs. Calls !

    Thxs again good job!

  14. Diana Claudio March 22, 2016

    I was trying to flip the page up to see my full page an it pick up a answer that I didn’t give?
    How can this be rectified please por 4 vor if you don’t mind ?

    Thxs in adv.

    • Answers are never saved after a completed test. In other words, it can not be “rectified”.

  15. Nixon Fadersair March 13, 2016

    I need help for passing my Driver Licence, please, also I need help to restore my pending fine from other states that can’t get my Driver Licence.

  16. Need help passing my Arkansas test by the end of the month please help me

  17. Need help to pass my Oregon written test please help me

  18. Hi I need help for passing my permits test I need just need help

  19. sohan arjune February 4, 2016

    I read need help for license

  20. Fred carter November 5, 2015

    I appreciate this website, thanks

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