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Montana Permit Practice Tests

Each practice test has 33 random questions based on the handbook and real MT MVD tests. After each question, you’ll get instant feedback. If your answer isn’t correct, you’ll also see a short explanation. Use it to look up more information in the Driver Manual.

The passing score in Montana is 82 percent, which means you must answer at least 27 questions correctly.

On a practice test, you should always aim for a full score. Make sure you really understand why an answer is correct and why other choices aren’t.


Study Tactics

1. Start by getting the latest version of the Montana Driver Manual.

2. Read the manual from first to last page. MVD also offers an easy-to-read adapted/illustrated version of the Montana Driver Manual.

3. Take a few practice tests to check how much you learned.

4. Follow up on questions or answers you don’t understand. Discuss driving rules with a friend, teacher, or parent.

5. Continue with practice tests until you feel confident with all answers.

Read our article about Risky Study Tactics that Could Cause You to Fail.

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Who Must Take the MVD Test?

When you apply for your first permit or driver license, you must must pass the knowledge, vision, and road tests.

Out-of-state drivers who hold a valid out-of-state license can usually exchange their basic driver license for a Montana driver license without a knowledge or road test.

You can renew a Montana Driver License within three months after the expiration date without retesting. If your license is more than three months expired, you must reapply as a new driver and pass all necessary tests.

If your license was revoked and the period of revocation expires, you may apply for a new license. Just like a first-time applicant, you must retake and pass knowledge, vision, and road tests.

How many questions are on the Montana MVD test?

How Many Questions are on the Montana Written Exam?

The test has 33 questions and you must correctly answer at least 27 of the 33 questions. The passing score is 82 percent.

If you fail the test, you must wait one day before you can take the test again.

What’s on the Test?

Everything on the test is found in the Driver Manual.

The booklet has information about important vehicle laws and driving rules. It also gives tips on how to check your vehicle before a trip, what to do in emergencies, how to stay alert when driving long distances, and when not to drive because of fatigue or alcohol and drug use.

Every word in the manual counts. It is a lot for new drivers to learn and for experienced drivers to remember.

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