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Hawaii DMV Permit Test Practice & License Questions

Hawaii DMV Test
Hawaii DMV Permit Test Practice & License QuestionsHawaii DMV Permit Test Practice & License Questions
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Hawaii Driver’s Practice for the Written Test

Driver’s Prep has designed these permit practice tests for use as a guide to help you become a safer driver and to help you qualify for a Hawaii instruction permit and driver’s license. Each permit practice test has 25 random questions based on the Hawaii Driver’s Manual, the Complete Test Questions and Answers from Dept. Of Transportation, and real knowledge exams. (The real test has 30 questions – see below.)

The tests are easy to use. After each question, you will see the correct answer and get a brief feedback.

By reading the Driver’s Manual and using these practice tests to check your progress, you increase your chances of passing the real written test the first time.

Passing score is 80 percent. To pass the permit practice, you must answer at least 20 questions correctly. Since this is only a practice, don’t stop at this level. You should answer at least 23 questions correctly on two or three tests before you are ready.

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Who Must Take Hawaii Written Test?

If you apply for an original Hawaii license, you must pass the written test consisting of recognition of traffic control devices and knowledge about rules of the road.

When you renew a Hawaii driver’s license, you must do so within a year after the expiration date. Otherwise, you must follow the procedure for an original license and take all tests again.

When you have an out-of-state or out-of-country license and want a Hawaii license, you must successfully pass the written test.

Note that an expired out-of-state license is not transferable and requires the successful completion of both the written knowledge test and the road test.

How Many Questions are on the Hawaii Written Test?

The questions on the Hawaii driver’s exam are based on the topics discussed in the Driver’s Manual, and consist of two parts. One part has questions about Hawaii Rules of the Road, the other part will test your recognition of road signs and traffic control devices.

There is a total of 30 questions on the test. You must correctly answer 24 of the 30 questions (80%).

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