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2018 Georgia DDS Driver Exam & Permit Practice

2018 Georgia DDS Driver Exam & Permit Practice - Driver's Prep
2018 Georgia DDS Driver Exam & Permit Practice2018 Georgia DDS Driver Exam & Permit Practice
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How to Study for the Georgia Exam

Each practice test at Driver’s Prep has questions from the GA Driver’s Manual and real DDS examinations. We pick 40 random questions about road rules and highway signs from a large database with more than 1,000 practice questions. Each test looks different.

After every question, you have access to instant feedback with brief explanations. It is simply the best way to learn everything you need to know for your Georgia driver’s license or permit.

Start by getting the latest version of the Georgia Driver’s Manual. You should have a clear understanding of what the Driver’s Manual contains. Identify topics that you need to learn. Laws that control what you can do and can’t do are especially important.

Continue by taking some practice tests. They will show your level of readiness and what you need to focus on.

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Georgia Passing Score

The passing score in Georgia is 75 percent, which means you must answer at least 30 of the 40 practice questions correctly.

It is, however, a good idea to aim a little higher on the practice tests. Aim for a full score on each test.

The real test has 40 questions (20 highway signs and 20 questions about road rules). You must correctly answer 15 questions on each part of the test.

Note: Practice tests may have less than 20 road sign questions, but you can find all signs in our sample tests.


Who Must Take the Georgia Knowledge Test?

All persons applying for an original Georgia license must pass a knowledge exam including a road signs test and a road rules test.

To renew a driver’s license that has been expired more than two years, you must also pass the knowledge test.

A knowledge test is also required when transferring a license from another country. Citizens of some foreign countries may be exempt from knowledge and skills testing. For a list, visit

If you hold a valid driver’s license or instructional permit issued by any other state of the United States or by the District of Columbia, you will normally be eligible to obtain a comparable license or permit issued by Georgia without taking the exam.

What to Remember about the Test

Knowledge exams are given on a walk-in basis at every Customer Service Center. You must begin taking the written test at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

The road rules tests are available in some non-English languages, but the road signs test is in English only. You must understand simple English such as the text on some highway signs.

Special assistance for customers with reading disabilities and hearing impairment is available.

You may not bring pens, pencils, paper, books, or any other items into the testing area. Cell phones, text messaging devices, and other types of wireless devices are prohibited. You may not speak to anyone during the test.

The questions on the knowledge exam are based on the topics discussed in the Driver’s Manual, and consist of two parts.

First, a set of questions on the meaning of standard highway signs will be given. This test is given in English only. You will be asked to identify certain signs, signals and markers. To pass, you must correctly answer 15 out of 20 questions.

The second part consists of a set of questions about driver responsibility, knowledge of laws, and safe driving practices applicable to the class of license for which you are applying. 15 out of 20 questions must be correctly answered.

Georgia Exam Questions on YouTube

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