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2019 Delaware Permit Practice & DMV License Tests

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2019 Delaware Permit Practice & DMV License Tests2019 Delaware Permit Practice & DMV License Tests
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Delaware Permit and Driver License Practice Tests

30 practice questions are randomly drawn from a large database with questions and answers from the Delaware Driver Manual and official state tests. After each question follows the correct answer. If you miss the question, there is also a short explanation to help you learn faster.

When you start preparing for your Learner’s Permit or Operator’s License, we strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with the contents of the Delaware Driver Manual.

You can pick up a copy of the manual at a DE DMV office or download it online from

Without a good knowledge about the rules and laws described in the manual, it is difficult to pass the knowledge exam.

After reading the manual, you can use the practice tests to verify your progress. Don’t attempt the real exam too soon. Aim for a full score on a few practice tests. It gives you a good margin for passing the real knowledge examination.



How many questions are on the  Delaware DMV test?

How Many Questions are on the Delaware DMV exam?

The Class D knowledge test has 30 questions. You must answer 24 questions correctly to pass the test. The passing score is 80 percent, which is slithly higher than it used to be.

You Can Do It Too

After studying with our practice tests, we are pretty sure you will pass. Most of our users do.

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Who Must Take the Delaware Knowledge Test?

All new drivers who haven’t had a license before must pass the knowledge test.

When you want to get a revoked Delaware driver’s license back, you must apply for a new license. This means you must start all over by taking all tests again, including the written knowledge test.

If your Delaware driver’s license has been suspended, there some suspensions that require a new knowledge test.

When renewing an expired Delaware driver’s license, the examiner may also ask for a new knowledge test.

The written knowledge test is always necessary when you move to Delaware and wish to transfer a driver’s license from a country other than United States, U.S. Territories, Germany, Taiwan (Republic of China) and France.

If you have a valid driver’s license from another state in United States, Germany, Taiwan (Republic of China) and France, DMV will waive the written knowledge test. If your license has expired, the DMV examiner will usually ask you to take the test.

What's on the Written DMV Test - Driver's Prep

What’s on the Delaware Knowledge Test?

On the test, you must identify certain highway signs only by their shape, color, or the symbols appearing on them. You must also understand the meaning of these and other highway signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings.

A second part of the test covers Delaware motor vehicle laws and general safety practices.

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All questions are based on the information in Delaware Driver Manual. You should study this manual carefully. The test will contain questions from all sections of the manual. Make sure you discuss anything which is not perfectly clear with a friend or a parent. It helps you learn faster.

If you fail any part of the driver examination test, you must wait at least ten days before taking the test again. Use this time to prepare yourself thoroughly to take it again later.



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You can take as many tests as you like, as many times as you want, until you are fully prepared for the DMV knowledge exam.


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