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#1. If you see an accident ahead, how can you warn drivers behind you?

If you can see a collision ahead, warn the drivers behind you by turning on your emergency flashers or tapping your brake pedal quickly three or four times. You can also use the hand signal when slowing and stopping.

Never stop on the road, unless necessary for safety or to obey a law.


#2. What does this sign mean?

This is a yield sign.

Three-sided red yield signs mean you must slow down and be ready to stop, if necessary, to let any vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian pass before you proceed.


#3. You should adjust your rearview and side mirrors:

Adjust your rear and side mirrors before you start driving. If your vehicle has a day/night mirror, learn how to use it. The night setting reduces the headlight glare from the cars behind you and helps you see well.


#4. You are on a freeway. If you are driving in a lane marked with large broken lines on your left, you should:

Freeway lanes, as well as some city street lanes, which are ending will usually be marked by large broken lines painted on the pavement. If you are driving in a lane marked with these broken lines, be prepared to exit the freeway or for the lane to end. Look for a sign that tells you to exit or merge.


#5. Smoking inside a vehicle when a person under 18 is present:

Do not smoke at any time when a minor is in the vehicle. You can be fined up to $100.

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is in motion or not.

Health and Safety Code Section 118948.


#6. This sign means:

No U-Turn.

You cannot make a complete turn to go in the opposite direction where this sign is displayed.

If a sign has a red circle with a red line through it, it always indicates NO. The picture inside the circle shows what you cannot do. The sign may be shown with or without words.


#7. What is the first thing you should do if your gas pedal sticks?

If your accelerator stick, you should:

  • Shift to neutral.
  • Apply the brakes.
  • Keep your eyes on the road.
  • Look for an alternate route away from traffic or look for a way out.
  • Warn other drivers by honking and flashing your emergency lights.
  • Try to drive the car safely off the road.

Never turn your vehicle’s ignition to the lock position while it is still in motion.


#8. What does this sign tell you?

Added lane sign. Two roadways come together, but you are not required to merge.

An additional lane begins. Watch for traffic in the new lane.


#9. If you are being stopped by a law enforcement officer:

During an enforcement stop it is important to acknowledge the officer’s presence by turning on your right turn signal. Move your vehicle to the right shoulder of the road. Pull your vehicle as far off the roadway as possible and stop. Roll down your window.

Limit the movements of the driver and passengers. Remain inside your vehicle unless otherwise directed by the officer.

Place your hands in clear view, preferably on the steering wheel. All passengers should also keep their hands in plain view.

Obtain your driver license and vehicle registration only when requested.


#10. Can you make a U-turn on a divided highway?

You may make a legal U-turn on a divided highway, only if an opening is provided in the center divider.


#11. You approach a stopped school bus on your side of an undivided highway with four lanes. The bus is displaying alternating flashing red lights. In this situation, you must:

When the bus flashes red lights (located at the top front and back of the bus), you must stop from either direction until the children are safely across the street and the lights stop flashing. The law requires you remain stopped if the red lights are flashing.

Drivers on the other side of a divided highway are not required to stop.


#12. Before you make a turn in front of a motorcycle with its turn signal flashing, you should:

Do not be fooled by a flashing turn signal. The signal may have been left on from an earlier turn. This is particularly true of motorcycles. Their signal lights often do not turn off automatically. Wait until the other driver starts to turn before you continue.


#13. A bicycle rider:

Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as vehicle and motorcycle drivers. They are entitled to share the road with motor vehicles and must ride in the same direction as other traffic, not against it.


#14. To avoid last minute moves, you should:

Take in the whole scene. If you only look at the middle of the road, you will miss what is happening on the side of the road and behind you.


#15. With a valid Class C license (without special endorsements), you may drive:

With a valid Class C license, you may drive:

  • any 2-axle vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,000 lbs. or less.
  • any 3-axle vehicle weighing 6,000 lbs. or less gross.
  • any house car 40 feet or less.
  • a vanpool vehicle, designed to carry more than 10 but no more than 15 persons including the driver.

You may not tow more than one vehicle. Special endorsements or licenses are required for motorcycles, school buses, and vehicles carrying hazardous materials.


#16. As a rule, drive more slowly:

As a rule, drive more slowly:

  • In parking lots and downtown areas.
  • On roads with heavy traffic.
  • When you see the brake lights of several vehicles ahead of you.
  • Over narrow bridges and through tunnels.
  • Through toll plazas.
  • Near schools, playgrounds, and in residential areas.

#17. You see this road sign. What should you expect ahead?

Divided highway ahead (divided highway begins).

The road is dividing into two separate roadways by a median or divider. Each roadway is one-way. Stay to the right.


#18. When is it important to turn on your headlights?

You must use your headlights 30 minutes after sunset and leave them on until 30 minutes before sunrise. You must also turn on your headlights if snow, rain, fog, dust, or low visibility (1,000 feet or less) requires the use of windshield wipers.


#19. Do not cross railroad tracks if:

Do not proceed over the crossing, if you cannot clear the tracks.

Never stop on the tracks. Remember that a train cannot stop quickly or swerve out of the way. If you are on the tracks, you risk injury or death.


#20. Parking beside a railroad track is allowed if you keep this distance from the track:

Never leave your car on or within seven and one-half feet of a railroad track.


#21. When driving in a roundabout, you should:

Stay in your designated lane. Do not stop or pass other vehicles. Avoid driving next to large vehicles as they need more room maneuvering through a roundabout.


#22. Which of the following is a safe precaution for driving in high winds?

Some precautions for driving in high winds include reducing speed.

Slowing down gives you better control over the vehicle and will give you more time to react in the event your vehicle gets hit by a strong gust of wind.

Maintain a firm hand position on the steering wheel. Strong wind gusts are unpredictable, and if you are not holding the wheel properly, gusts can be strong enough to cause the steering wheel to be jerked out of your hands.

Do not use your cruise control.


#23. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) threshold level at which it is illegal for any person 21 years or older to drive is:

It is illegal for any person 21 years of age or older to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher. If a person is under age 21 it is illegal with a BAC of 0.01 percent or higher.


#24. Which of the following is not considered safe driving on a freeway?

The left lane on freeways is for passing. Do not tie up traffic in the left lane, move over to the right. Whenever you choose to drive slowly or enter or turn off the road, use the right lane.

This question asked what is NOT a safe driving practice.


#25. When a traffic signal is showing a solid red light:

A red signal light means stop. You can make a right turn against a red light after you stop and yield to pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles close enough to be a hazard. Make the right turn only when it is safe. Do not turn if a no turn on red sign is posted.

A left turn against a red light can only be made from a one-way street onto a one-way street.

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California DMV Knowledge Test – Quick Facts

What You Should Know
  Number of questions on exam: 46 – if under 18 years
36 – if 18 years and older
18 – renewal test
  Correct answers to pass: 36 – if under 18 years
30 – if 18 years and older
15 – renewal test
  Passing score: 83 percent
  Allotted time to complete test: No limit
  Wait time before retest: 7 days (3 attempts within 12 months)

Practice Permit Test & Driver License Test

The best way to study for your permit or full driver license test is to use both the Driver Handbook and these permit practice tests!

Make sure you get the latest version of the handbook and read it. Pay special attention to rules and laws that are specific for California .

Use the practice tests to verify what you have learned and if you are ready or not. Take enough sample tests at Driver’s Prep to make sure you can reach the perfect score of 100%. This way we can almost guarantee that you will pass the official exam.

Student taking practice tests

Each CA DMV practice test has 25 random questions based on the handbook and real questions from California DMV ( ). After every question on the practice test, you will get instant feedback with a brief explanation if your answer is incorrect.

The number of questions on the real California written test depends on your age and which test you take. If you are under 18 years, the permit test has 46 questions.

The passing score on the real DMV examination is 83 percent. On a permit test with 46 questions, this means you can only miss 10 questions. If you are 18 years or older, you can only miss 6 questions.

We help you to pass your DMV exam

Who Must Take the California Written Knowledge Test

You must always take a knowledge test, vision test, and road test when you apply for an original California driver license or upgrade to a different class of driver license.

If you have a license from another state, DMV will usually waive both the knowledge test and the road test.

After a license revocation, you must apply for a new license and re-take all necessary tests, including the knowledge test.

Holders of a driver’s license from a country other than Canada must also take all tests. California does not waive the knowledge test if you move to California from another country.

Computerized Tests with Touch Screens

Previously, you got the DMV knowledge test on paper. Today, you take the test on a computer with a touch screen. Instead of marking the correct answer with an “X”, the applicant now just taps the correct answer on a screen.

The new computer version has randomized questions just like our practice test, which means that no two tests are the same. The computer tests are available in several languages:

  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Farsi
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Punjabi
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese

Computer tests speed up the exam process, but it is also a lot easier to misread and make a hasty decision. So, take your time and read everything carefully.

Read more about studying for your exam: How to Ace the DMV test.

Do Not Cheat!

Remember, the use of any testing aids is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of cell phones, cheat sheets, and the California Driver Handbook. If you use any aid during the written test, you will fail. An action may also be taken by the DMV against your driving privilege or the driving privilege of anyone else who assists you in the examination process.

Make an Appointment?

When you are ready for your test, make an appointment online at or call during normal business hours.

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited the face-to-face services at DMV service locations, but knowledge tests and driving tests can still be scheduled in advance.

To make sure you have all necessary documents for your permit application, you should follow the REAL-ID checklist online at

You should have the following documents:

    ONE identity document that show full name and date of birth

You will typically bring the original or a certified copy of your U.S birth certificate, a valid and unexpired U.S. passport or passport card, or your unexpired permanent resident card.

    ONE original document that shows your name and full Social Security Number

It is best to bring your social security card, but a W-2 form or a pay stub with full SSN is also accepted by DMV.

    TWO Proofs of California Residency

You must provide two documents that show your first and last name together with your current mailing address. Examples of accepted documents are your rental agreement or mortgage bill, bank or credit card statements, your tax return, employment documents, or insurance documents.

A child may use a residency document in their parents’ name by presenting a tracing document (such as a birth certificate) showing the relationship.

After the California DMV Knowledge Test

If you pass the written knowledge test, California DMV issues a provisional permit (learner’s permit).

Once you have your permit, you may practice driving supervised by a parent, spouse, legal guardian, or certified driving instructor. You may also practice driving with any licensed California driver 25 years of age or older.

To learn more about California’s graduated driver license process, read this article: What is California Graduated Driver’s License ?

Videos to Help You Study

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    • Overall, 10-20 hours should probably do it. But we all learn differently, so this is only a rough estimate.

      If you aren’t enrolled in a education class, it’s a good idea to dedicate at least a few weeks before the exam and take it bit by bit, maybe 2-3 sessions per week. The more you spread your study sessions over a couple of weeks, the more you will remember when the day comes. There are a lot of research to support such a strategy.

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    • Normally, a renewal test in California has 18 questions (15 corrected answers needed to pass). Often very basic questions.

      Due to the pandemic there is a free one-year extension available for Californians 70 years and older (noncommercial driver’s license). Beginning December 6, you should be able to renew online or by mail (even if your notification says that a visit is necessary).

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    • The important question first: DMV will not ask for the behind-the-wheel test when you renew your license just because you fail the knowledge test.

      Secondly, the knowledge test for a renewal is usually very easy and has questions that you are probably very familiar with. Most drivers with some experience easily pass this renewal test. So, try not to be nervous about it. Read carefully, but don’t read too much into the questions. There aren’t any trick questions.

      With that being said, it is always up to the examiner’s discretion to ask for a practical driving test if there are reasons to believe that you have mental and/or physical condition or an inability to follow California traffic laws. This is rare and almost never comes as a surprise to a test taker.

  12. Evelyn Tobias Martin May 1, 2019 at 1:40 am

    If I’m out of the country and I can’t renew on time of my license can you still accept even I’m late, how many months or days do you allow. Thanks

    • California allows you to renew at any time. Process is the same. No late fees.

      An in-person DMV visit is required for the new Real ID driver’s license. To board a domestic flight in 2020, you will need a federally-compliant ID, such as a Real ID driver’s license.

      If eligible for online renewal , you may be able to apply for the old driver’s license online and replace it at a later point.

      Remember, there is no grace period when your license has expired. It is illegal for you to drive until your license is renewed.

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    • You are correct about the proper way to turn the front wheels when parking downhill.

      But there is no question on the California tests suggesting that you should turn them the other way. There are five versions of this question (downhill with or without curb). Correct answers on these questions are “toward the curb”, “toward the side of the road”, “to the right”, or “away from the road”.

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    • You failed your test because you didn’t know and/or understand the facts described in the California Driver Handbook. As simple as that.

      Our CA practice tests have more than 1,200 questions. With 8 completed practice tests, you covered less than 15 percent of them.

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