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Arkansas Permit Practice Tests / Driver License Tests

The practice tests at Driver’s Prep all have 25 random questions picked from a large database.

All questions and answers are from the Arkansas Driver License Study Guide and the official Arkansas State Police Driver’s Testing exams.

Each practice question shows the correct answer. If your answer is wrong, you will also get a brief explanation.

Before you take on the practice tests, make sure you have studied the latest version of the Arkansas Study Guide. Get a copy from your nearest test location or get it online. You must have a good understanding of the information in the manual to pass your examination.

After studying the guide, use these practice tests to check your progress.

The passing score in Arkansas is 80 percent, which means you must answer at least 20 practice questions correctly to pass. When you use the practice tests, you should aim for a score of at least 24 correct answers.

Studying with practice tests at Driover's Prep truly helps

Online practice tests are the best way to study for a driver’s license exam, but be careful not to just memorize answers. You must also understand how and why.

Safe driving requires both skill and knowledge.

Who Must Take the Official Knowledge Test?

You must take the written, vision, and road examination when you apply for an Arkansas driver’s license for the first time or upgrade to a different class of license.

When you wish to renew your driver license, you must take the written test if your license is expired for 31 days or more.

If have a driver’s license from another state and move to Arkansas, you can surrender your out-of-state license in exchange for an Arkansas driver’s license. You don’t have to take the tests.

Your out-of-state license must be valid or expired no more than 31 days. If your out-of-state license is expired over 31 days or you don’t have a license to surrender, you must take the knowledge test and pas the vision examination. The road test is normally waived, unless your license is expired over one year.

Drivers with an out-of-country license must, in general, pass all examinations. Drivers with a valid license from Manitoba Canada, Germany, France, Taiwan, and South Korea are exempt.

If you don’t disclose information about a previous driver license or presenting any false information or altered documents, you can lose all future driving privileges in Arkansas.

How many questions are on the Arkansas DMV Test?

How Many Questions are on the Arkansas DMV Test?

The Arkansas written knowledge test has 25 questions. You must correctly answer 20 questions (80%).

When to Take the Test?

Testing dates and times differ by location. You should call ahead and check when you can take the test. Test schedules are also found here.

More Practice Tests

After taking the first practice test, you will see links to more tests, like Permit Test No. 2, Permit Test No. 3, etc.

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