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Kansas Practice Tests for Your Learner Permit & Driver License

Start by getting the latest version of the Kansas Driving Handbook . The handbook helps prepare you to pass your knowledge test. Everything you need to know for your test is found in the handbook, make sure you read it.

When you have a good idea about the contents in the handbook, start practicing for the examination.

Our permit practice tests have 25 random questions based on the handbook and real knowledge tests. You’ll get questions about traffic laws and road signs. You must identify certain signs by their shape, color, or the symbol appearing on them.

Permit Test - Touch Screen

After each question, you get instant feedback. It you make a mistake, there is a short explanation below the question. You will learn faster if you read and try to fully understand the information.

The passing score in Kansas is 80 percent. You must answer at least 20 questions correctly.

When you are ready with your practice tests, you should get all the questions right.

Read more about Acing the Exam .

Who Must Take the Kansas Written Test?

If you haven’t been licensed before, you must pass the written test on Kansas traffic laws and road signs.

For a driver who is already licensed in another state and apply for a Kansas License, the written test is normally waived. The driver must have a valid out-of-state license – not a canceled, suspended, or revoked license.

If you let your Driver’s License expire for more than one year, you must pass all tests again, including vision, written, and driving examinations.

You must also pass all tests again, if the state has revoked your License.

If you hold a license from another country, you must pass all tests. Kansas DMV does not waive any tests for holders of a foreign license.

How many questions are on the Kansas DMV test?

How Many Questions are on the Kansas Written Test?

The official written test has 25 questions on traffic laws, road signs, and traffic signals. The passing score is 80% (20 correct answers)

Answers to all questions on the test are found in the Driving Handbook. Many questions on the test also have illustrations from the handbook.

Read more: Driver’s License Information.

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Important COVID-19 Information

COVID19 safety measures Kansas DOV

Kansas service locations are open for the knowledge test and the driving test.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic you must, however, make an appointment before you visit a service center.

Find your nearest driver license exam station here: Kansas DOV Service Locations .

All visitors must also complete a COVID-19 symptom questionnaire at the center.

For the practical driving test you must wear a face mask, no exceptions.

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