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Oklahoma Practice Tests – 25 Questions

The free permit practice tests at Driver’s Prep have 25 random questions each. The tests will help you prepare for the real exam and speed up your learning.

All questions are the same or very similar to real Oklahoma written knowledge test questions and all answers can be found in the latest Oklahoma Driver’s Manual.

After each practice question you’ll see the correct answer to help you learn faster. If you miss a question, there is a brief comment to help you understand why your answer was wrong.

Oklahoma Real Knowledge Tests – 50 Questions

Please note that the real knowledge test in Oklahoma has 50 random questions about road signs, traffic signals, safe driving techniques and Oklahoma traffic laws. The real test will take slightly longer to complete.

Questions on the real exam are from the latest version of the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual. Therefore you should always start by getting the latest version of the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual.

You can get the manual for a small fee at any DPS office. You can also download a free PDF-version from

When you’ve read the manual and think you have learned the basic rules of driving, you should familiarize yourself with the practice tests.

The easy way to pass your Oklahoma test

The passing score in Oklahoma is 80 percent, which means you must answer at least 40 of the 50 questions correctly.

Getting 80 percent on the practice test is also good. But it is better to aim for a full score on each practice test. Make sure you fully understand why an answer is correct (or incorrect). This will truly help on the real exam.

Remember, all our tests are 100% free. So, take enough tests to feel comfortable with all answers.

The examination format has (in general) stayed consistent over the last decade. It helps you understand what the DPS checks for, which is just as important as learning the content.

Read more about: How to Ace the DMV test.


Who Must Take the Oklahoma Knowledge Test?

All persons applying for an original first-time Oklahoma license must pass the knowledge test.

If you want to renew a license that expired more than three years you must take all tests again, including the written knowledge exam.

When you want to transfer a valid (not expired) out-of-state license to an Oklahoma driver’s license, DPS will waive written and driving tests if department standards are met.

If you have an out-of-country license, you must – in general – take all tests.

You cannot get a driver license or permit if your privilege to drive is canceled, suspended, or revoked in Oklahoma or any other state.

What's on the Written DMV Test - Driver's Prep

The Official Exam

As we already said, all answers to the questions on the Class D license exam are found in the official Driver’s Manual. That is why you should make sure you read it.

The test has questions about Oklahoma traffic laws, safe driving practices, traffic signs and signals, and drug and alcohol laws/effects.

If you need an oral test instead of the computerized test, you should call ahead and make an appointment.

How Many Questions are on the Oklahoma Written Test?

Currently, the official written exam has 50 questions. You must correctly answer at least 40 questions to pass (80% passing score).

If you fail, you must wait at least one day before retesting. You can take the test three times with one day between, after that, you must let 30 days pass between each test.

How Many Practice Tests Do You Need?

There 50 tests waiting for you. Questions are written with Oklahoma rules and laws in mind.

With a good understanding of the Oklahoma laws, you may need just a handful of practice tests to feel comfortable with all answers. If you never learned about traffic laws before, you may need around 50 practice tests.


More tests to help you pass the DMV exam

Oklahoma Sample Test Video – When You Are on the Go

This video shows 40 questions about highway signs, traffic signals, and road markings. The most essential things you must know for your Oklahoma driver’s exam.

Watch it and see if you really know all answers!

Video with Oklahoma sample test questions

COVID-19 Alerts

Oklahoma DPS COVID-19 Information

Knowledge testing and road skills tests are available, but the skills test is given by appointment only.

When visiting Oklahoma Department of Public Safety offices social distancing guidelines will be enforced. You must also wear a mask that covers mouth and nose, answer health questions, and have your temperature taken before being allowed access.

Only one person, the customer, will be allowed in the building, with some exceptions (like parents of minors and interpreters).

Skills (drive) test will be given by appointment only. Vehicles used for the skills (drive) test will have to be disinfected by the applicant.

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