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2021 Wyoming Driver License Tests & Permit Practice

Wyoming DMV Practice Tests at Drivers Prep

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About the Wyoming Practice Tests

The permit practice tests have 25 random questions from the Wyoming Driver License Manual and real WY DMV examination questions. After each question, you get instant feedback and will know if your answer is correct or not.

Should you miss a question there is a brief note to help you learn the correct answer. You can also use the information to look up the topic in the Driver License Manual.

Wyoming Driver License Manual - Background photo by WYDOT.

Get the Wyoming Driver License Manual

Start studying by getting the Driver License Manual. It is a must-read. All answers to your exam questions are found in this manual.

You can get a copy from your local DMV office or download a PDF version online.

The information in the manual can help you pass the examination, but the information can also help you drive safely once you get your license.

Taking Practice Tests

The passing score in Wyoming is only 76 percent, which means you must answer at least 19 of 25 questions correctly.

You should, however, aim higher on the practice tests. Try to reach a full score (100%) on a handful of tests.

But don’t just memorize questions and answers. It is a better to full understand why an answer is correct and why another answer isn’t. It will make it easier to pass the exam. You will also keep the knowledge longer.

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Who Must Take the Wyoming Knowledge Test?

If you never had a driver license in this or any other state, you must pass a written knowledge test.

You must also pass the knowledge test again if you let your license expire and have not driven for a period of two years or more.

DMV can also ask you to take all tests again after a revocation period.

Based upon personal observation, medical or vision information and other factors, a DMV representative always has the discretion to ask for a knowledge test.

Wyoming Knowledge Test

The knowledge test has questions related to the class of license you are applying for. Answers to all exam questions are found in the applicable driver manual.

On the test, you must identify traffic signs by shape, color or symbol, and identify signals and pavement markings. The test also has questions regarding seat belt usage, traffic laws, safety rules, crash prevention and vehicle equipment.

You take your test on a computerized system. Applicants who have difficulty reading can ask for a headset and hear the questions through a phone system. If you prefer to use the audio system, you must ask the examiner to connect you with the system before you begin your written test.

Should you fail your first attempt, you can take the test twice in one day.

Wyoming tests are only in English. If you cannot speak English, you may use an interpreter for the written tests.

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50 Practice Tests

You have 50 tests at your fingertips. Take as many tests as you need to feel comfortable with all topics. Take them as many times as you need.

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