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Your 2017 Wisconsin DMV Test & Permit Practice

Wisconsin DMV Test
Your 2017 Wisconsin DMV Test & Permit PracticeYour 2017 Wisconsin DMV Test & Permit Practice
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WI Practice Tests

The Wisconsin preparation tests have 25 random questions based on the handbook and real WI DMV tests. You get instant feedback about whether your answer is correct or not. There is also a short explanation about rules and the best answer.

Before you take the real exam, study the Motorist’s Handbook so you are well-prepared. After getting the grip of the handbook, take several practice tests to check your progress and level of readiness.

Remember, both the real test and the practice tests are drawn from very large pools of questions. You shouldn’t try to memorize answers, since they can be worded in different ways. Try to truly understand questions and answers. That is what helps you become a responsible and safe driver.

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The passing score in Wisconsin is 80 percent. On the practice tests, you should be able to answer at least 20 questions correctly. On the real exam, which has 50 questions, you must get at least 40 questions right.

When studying for the exam, you should aim higher. It is a good ideat to keep practicing, until you reach a score of 92 percent and until you feel comfortable with your answers.

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Who Must Pass the Wisconsin Knowledge Test?

The following must pass the Wisconsin written knowledge test:

  • New drivers getting their first instruction permit.
  • New Wisconsin residents with a license from a foreign country.
  • New Wisconsin residents with an out-of-state license expired more than eight years.
  • Drivers wanting to add a new class and/or endorsement to their existing driver license.
  • Drivers with a Wisconsin license expired more than eight years.

New Wisconsin residents with a valid license from another state can get a Wisconsin license without passing the knowledge or skills tests.

The Purpose of the Wisconsin Knowledge Exam

The purpose of the knowledge test is to determine your knowledge of Wisconsin traffic laws and safe driving, including knowledge of the following: rules of the road, highway signs, vehicle equipment requirements, driving techniques, fuel efficient operation of motor vehicles, the effects of alcohol or controlled substance use in connection with the operation of motor vehicles, the need for anatomical gifts, and the need for vehicle control in the proximity of sight-impaired pedestrian.

How Many Questions?

The test has 50 questions and you must correctly answer 40 questions (a passing score of 80%). This means you can miss no more than 10 questions. The recommended time allowed for the written knowledge test in Wisconsin is 45 minutes.

What You Should Know about the Test

DMV Tests are given on a walk-in basis. No appointment is necessary.

All tests are offered on a computerized system with touch screens. After each question, you will now if you answered it correctly or not.

If you have trouble reading, the test can be offered with an audio option. Make you sure you ask about it before you start your exam.

If you fail the knowledge test, you cannot take it again until the next day. If you fail five times within a year, you must get special permission before you can take the test again. In such a situation, you will need to show what you have done to improve your ability to succeed on your next attempt.

Class D (regular license) knowledge and signs tests are available in the following languages: English, Chinese, Hmong, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Somali, and Spanish.

DMV Questions in Exam Mode – 50 Questions

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