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Maine BMV Driver License & Permit Practice Tests

Maine BMV Driver License & Permit Practice Tests - Driver's Prep
Maine BMV Driver License & Permit Practice TestsMaine BMV Driver License & Permit Practice Tests
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Maine Practice Tests for Permit and Full License

Each preparation test has 30 questions based on the Motorist Handbook & Study Guide and real BMV tests.

You get instant feedback after each question. If your answer is wrong, you will also see a brief explanation. If you keep the Motorist Handbook handy throughout your studies, you can compare answers with the information in the Handbook.

Make sure you get the latest version of the Study Guide from your BMV office or download it online.

The passing score is 80 percent, which means must answer at least 24 questions correctly.

Aim higher on the practice test. At a minimum, you should aim for 92 percent. But it is best to aim for the perfect score of 100%.

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Who Must Pass the BMV Test?

In general, you must take the written BMV test:
 » If you are a first time applicant:
 …and never had a driver’s license or permit before. You must take all examinations.
 » When you have been licensed in Maine or another state:
 …but your driver’s license expired more than five years ago.
 » If you are a new U.S. resident with an out-of-country license:
 …and wish to convert to a Maine driver’s license. (Applicants with a valid out-of-state license may have the written and road tests waived.)
 » After your driver’s license have been suspended:
 …some offenses will require you to retake driving knowledge test and road test.

How many questions are on the Maine permit test?

How Many Questions are on the Maine Knowledge Test?

Maine has recently updated their written examination. The test now has 30 questions and you can miss no more than 6 questions. This is a passing score of 80 percent.

What Questions are on the Test?

There are questions about traffic laws, regulations, driving skills and vehicle handling. Special emphasis is placed on understanding laws about drinking and driving. Expect at least two or three questions about alcohol and drugs.

You must also identify and understand the meaning of common road signs.

All questions are from the Motorist Handbook & Study Guide.

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