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Video: Maine Driver License Test Questions & Answers

Maine Driver License Test Practice

Want to pass you driver’s license or permit test on your first try? This video shows 50 questions & answers to help you prepare.

Few teen drivers manage to pass their driver’s license test the first time. The main reasons for failing on your first try is overconfidence and that the test is more difficult than you expected.

Other reasons for being forced to take the test again is the lack of preparation!

With interactive practice tests and our videos, you can overcome some of this. Prepare well, focus on understanding questions and answers, and read the manual.

The videos in this series have some of the questions you are likely to see on your real test.

New Drivers Must Pass the Knowledge Test

New drivers must successfully complete the written knowledge exam, vision screening and the road test. Being prepared and knowing what to expect will help you get your driver’s license quicker.

Be sure to read the official BMV study guide and take several practice tests.

The real test has 30 questions and you must correctly answer 24 of them.

The written test and road test is usually waived if you currently hold a valid out-of-State license.

About the Video

The video shows 50 practice questions and answers for the BMV test. It combines two previous videos with 25 questions each.

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Video No. 2

  Video 2: Maine License Test Questions & Answers



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