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Permit Practice Test CT

Permit practice tests for Connecticut are now also available on YouTube. Three initial videos based on our CT permit practice tests have been uploaded this weekend. You can use the YouTube videos for viewing and quick reminders of the most important DMV questions and answers. We suggest you take a few Connecticut permit practice test on each day to learn and fully understand the contents of DMV driver's manual. The YouTube videos can be used when you are on the go.

Our DMV practice tests get the highest ratings by colleges, high school programs, and commercial driving schools. You can rest assured that will give you the questions and answers that are accurate and up-to-date. When you are having trouble with a question you can use the report function and get additional feedback by email.

If our practice test helped you to prepare and to pass your examination, let others know! By helping us spread the word to your friends, we have a chance to become even better!
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NC DMV Practice Test Videos

On the go? Our North Carolina permit practice tests on YouTube now include three videos based on the NC DMV Practice Test. 100% free. Students who use our NC DMV practice tests more than 10 times on at least two occasions have an overall pass rate of 93%. This means that studying the North Carolina Driver's Handbook and using the free online practice tests at will pay off. There will be additional sets published during spring. Be sure the check out the NC Permit Practice Test playlist on YouTube.
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California DMV Permit Practice Videos

In an effort to make our permit questions and answers more accessible, we have uploaded additional permit practice tests on YouTube. The idea is to make video short enough for quick viewing and easy to digest. Studying to get your California permit or full driver’s license has probably never been easier. We suggest that you take several permit practice test on our website to learn and fully understand the contents of the 2015 California Driver Handbook. Use the videos when you are on the go and need a quick reminder.
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Ready for Your DMV Test?

In many states, two out of three fail their first attempt at the DMV written test. That is why we created this site with free DMV practice tests and all you need to pass your DMV permit test. We are committed to help you pass your DMV examination the first time.

Being familiar with how the DMV test works is very important. Our DMV practice tests are based on the way the written DMV tests work in most states. You will be given multiple-choice questions with three or four answers. Only one is correct.

We suggest that you take some practice tests every day until you easily score 90% or more.

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