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Common mistakes

Distracted Driving Among Teenagers

Young woman writing sms while driving - Photo copyright: dmitrimaruta Teenage drivers pose the highest crash rates in all of US. Studies show that distracted driving behavior was affected by various factors including the number of passengers, their type and age Understand the prime cause of accidents and what behaviors that must be avoided. If you are studying for a learner's permit, expect your DMV knowledge test to include questions about distracted driving,
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What is a No-Zone?

Many novice drivers think that a truck driver can see the road better because they sit higher and have bigger mirrors. This is not true. Even if truckers enjoy a better forward view and may have several mirrors, they still have serious blind spots into which a car can disappear from view. In general, blind spots may exist up to 20 feet in front of the cab, on either side of the truck, particularly alongside the cab, and up to 200 feet in the rear.
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Parking on Hills – Know This for Your DMV Test

Parking on hills is a common pitfall on many practical driving tests, as well as the DMV written knowledge test. The general rule is to turn the front wheels to the right. The only time the front wheels should be turned the other way, is when you park uphill and there is a curb. When parking uphill and there is a curb, you turn the wheels to the left and away from the curb.
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