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Know These Two Road Signs

Road signs - Slippery When Wet - Winding Road

Two Road Signs That You Might Mix Up

The symbols on these two road signs sometimes create confusion. New drivers might mix up the “slippery when wet” sign with the “winding road” sign. For your driver examination, it is important that you recognize both signs and know what they mean.

Slippery When Wet

The Slippery When Wet sign is used to warn of unexpected slippery conditions. This usually means that a part of the roadway becomes more slippery in wet or cold weather. Expect to see the sign close to bridges and overpasses, which freeze first in cold and wet weather. They also dry out last. In wet or cold weather, you must slow down and drive with caution.
Signs may emphasize the risk by a supplemental plaque with a legend such as ice or when wet.

Plaques with the words “Steel Deck” or “Excess Oil” are also used to indicate the reason that the slippery conditions might be present.

Winding Road

When there are two turns or two curves ahead, you will typically see the yellow Reveres Turn or Reverse Curve sign. These signs tell you to slow down and be prepared to turn first to the right or left, and then in the opposite direction.

When you approach any of the signs below, you turn left and then right.

Road signs - Reverse Turn and Reverse Curve

You will see the Winding Road sign where there are three or more curves or turns – a winding road. Each turn or curve are normally separated by less than 600 feet. Slow down before you reach the curve or turn.

You may find an advisory speed plaque below the sign. Slow down to the recommended speed. In adverse weather conditions, you should slow down even more.

There may also be a distance plaque, telling you how many miles of winding road you should expect.

Will These Signs Be on Your DMV Written Test?

Yes, there is a great chance you will see one of these signs (or both) on your test.

Three Other Signs That Are Easy to Mix Up

Three other road signs that are very easy to mix up are Divided Highway Begins, Divided Highway Ends, and Two-Way Traffic. Learn what they mean and how to tell them apart here: Mixed Up Signs.

Road signs -

The Ultimate Road Signs Quiz

Want to test your knowledge about other U.S. road signs? Quizagogo’s road sign test is the most comprehensive online quiz for U.S. road signs. Exactly what you need to pass your official written DMV test!

Quiz-A-Go_go - Complete road sign test

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  1. I am glade to have read all of those comments that was written….I will be going. Soon to take my test and I am trying by al means to be positive and put more confident in myself cause self confident is one of the greatest weapon that can fright all fear that is with in you…All I can say is study hard do not memories..and you will make it!

  2. I am 75 and haven’t taken the written test in 40years,I have been taking the practice test over and over and I can’t seem to pass some of the question s I have never heard of them, I have never been in an accident. I am concedered to be a very good driver. I am at my Witt’s end, I really need my license, and I have a disability with reading directions. What can I do to pass the test?

    • No doubt a lot of things have changed in 40 years. I hope that you have familiarized yourself with your State’s Driver’s Manual. All questions on the practice tests and the real DMV test are from this manual. One main purpose of the test is in fact to make sure you have read the manual.

      If you have problems with computerized tests or reading instructions, contact your local DMV and ask for an oral exam.

      On the practice tests, don’t waste time on driving points, penalties, permit restrictions, and other details. Questions like that are rarely seen on a renewal test.

  3. I have to take the book test over. I think this was very helpful

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    If you know of any other help out there
    Please let me know

  5. I knew these 2 answers but have missed alot of others.I want to go Jan, and get my drivers licenses.I need to study alot more and I will before I go,cause I hear of many going and failing them several time.I don’t want to be one of them.These test are very helpful cause I 55 and haven’t had license since 91 and I hope I will be able to pass it on the 1st. time.

  6. Very instructif.

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