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Only Time Will Sober You Up

DMV officials want to kill the myth that multivitamins and other hangover cures sobers you up. They also want you to truly understand that drinking has consequences that you must deal with by not driving. That is why DMV loves to add this question to your DMV test. Make sure you read!
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What You Must Do After a Car Accident

You are likely to see at least one of two types of questions about car accidents on your DMV test. One deals with what you can do to prevent accidents, the other what you should do after an accident. Both are equally important for your written knowledge test. Knowing the answers is also important for staying safe on the road.
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What is a Standard Drink?

What is a standard drink? It doesn't matter if you drink a standard drink of beer, wine, or spirits. They all contain the same amount of pure alcohol and will basically affect you the same way. A standard drink in United State equals 12 fl oz. of regular beer, 5 fl oz. of table wine, and 1.5 fl oz. shot of 80-proof distilled spirits. These are just two things you should know for your written DMV test!
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What You Must Know About the Zero Tolerance Law

Zero tolerance law on your DMV permit test The zero tolerance laws define a lower legal limit and severe penalties for young drivers with alcohol in the blood. It is an important part of your driver education. Make sure you know and understand this law. If you are taking the written DMV test to get your first learner's permit, questions about the zero tolerance law are common.
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