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Know Your Road Signs: Wrong Way

Do Not Enter and Wrong Way Signs

If You Pass the Wrong Way Sign

If you drive pass the Wrong Way sign you are in trouble. As soon as you face a Wrong Way sign directly in front of you, you are already driving against traffic.

What You Must Do

You must come to an immediate stop and turn around in a safe manner. Pull over to the side of the road and turn on your emergency flashers. As soon as it is safe to do so, make a U-turn and drive in the correct direction.

You should never continue to drive in the wrong direction, unless directed to do so by law enforcement.

Learn How the Two Signs Are Used

R5-1a - Wrong Way Sign

On any restricted roadway where traffic is prohibited from entering there is a Do Not Enter sign. You will see the sign at a point where you could wrongly enter a divided highway, one-way roadway, or ramp.

The sign tells you that you may not turn into that roadway or exit ramp.

The Wrong Way sign is used as a supplement to the Do Not Enter sign. It is placed at a location along the exit ramp or the one-way roadway farther from the crossroad than the Do Not Enter sign.

Remember, the Wrong Way sign tells you that you are already traveling in the wrong direction!

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