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Intersection Signs You Must Recognize on Your Test

Intersection signs

The Most Common Signs

Above are some of the most common and most important intersection signs.

Intersection signs include the crossroad (A), side road (B), T-intersection (C), Y-intersection (D), and circular intersection signs.

If you understand which road you are on, it is pretty simple to distinguish the signs and understand what they mean. Remember, when roads are shown on signs like this you are always traveling on the road that starts at the bottom of the sign.

Side Road Sign

When you see a side road sign, you should watch for traffic entering the road you are on. There may also be vehicles turning into the side road.

T-Intersection Sign

If you see a T-intersection sign, the road you are on ends ahead. You must slow down and be ready to yield to traffic on the intersecting roadway. Then, you must turn left or right.

California Driver Handbook

For some strange reason, the California Driver Handbook insists on calling the side road sign (B) for T-intersection, which may confuse many readers.

The simple rule to remember, when you read a road sign with a marked road: you are always traveling from the bottom of the sign to the top.

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  1. I will pass today

  2. I won’t to learn these road signs so I can get my drivers lincies

  3. I have been driving for 60 years and I follow all the signs = Some are very confusing, but if I see one I don’t understand, I slow down until I get passed it. Yes some of the signs are not explicit and I do the best I can to get through them with caution

  4. This is invaluable information and helps me to not make quick decisions, but study the question very carefully. Having visited in 50 plus countries in my career as a Foreign Correspondent and Missionary, I do get a bit confused on rules and laws for driving and traffic, so left the driving to others.


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