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What is a Safe Speed on Freeways?

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How Fast Can You Drive on Freeways?

Take a minute and consider the following question:

What is always a safe speed on a freeway?

55 mph?
60 mph?
65 mph?
70 mph?

The simple answer: no speed is safe at all times.

This applies to all highways, not only freeways.

Or in other words; a posted speed limit of, as an example, 55 mph does not always mean 55!

The Basic Speed Law

A posted speed limit shows the maximum speed you can drive under ideal conditions. When the weather conditions affect stopping distances and visibility, you must slow down. If other road or traffic conditions create a hazard, you must also slow down.

This is known as the basic speed law or general speed law. The law exists in all states – even if the exact wording may be different between states.

This law means that you must use a speed that is reasonable and prudent under existing conditions.

You must never drive faster than is safe for current conditions or at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property.

You Can Get a Ticket Even if You Drive at the Posted Speed Limit

If you drive at the posted speed limit when roads are icy or slick, or when other traffic are adjusting their speed to current conditions, you can be stopped and charged with driving too fast for conditions.

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