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Defensive Driving

How to Keep Track of Your Driving Habits

Since most people, including teenagers, think their driving skills are better than average it can be though to start conversations about bad driving habits. But the more you know about the driving habits of your teen or elderly family member, the easier it is. This is where Bouncie can help.
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What does the Basic Speed Law Mean?

The basic speed law means you must drive at a safe and appropriate speed under existing conditions. When special hazards exist with respect to pedestrians or other traffic or by reason of weather or highway conditions, you can get a ticket if you drive at the posted speed limit and fail to adjust your speed.
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City Driving as a New Driver

City Driving - Photo Copyright:  ambrozinio True or false? Freeway driving is more dangerous than city driving. On the DMV written knowledge test, many test takers assume that freeway driving is more dangerous than city driving because of the speed involved. In fact, you are more likely to be involved in an accident when driving in the city. Read the following article to get some valuable driving tips.
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Could You Be Speeding?

Could you be unaware that you're speeding? According to retired police captain J. S. Clevenger, it is possible and happens often. By knowing where speed limits change, you can monitor your speed. Being informed can help you avoid a dreaded speeding ticket. If you are studying for the written knowledge test, prepare for speed limit questions on learner's permit tests and driver's license exams. Clevenger notes that laws can vary from state to state; therefore, learn these rules before traveling to avoid any speeding violations.
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