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Video: 20 Road Signs You Must Know [California]

Learn 20 Road Signs for Your CA DMV Test


This video gives you 20 California road signs questions. Questions and answers are prepared to help you study for your California DMV test.

All signs in this video may show up on your real California driver license test. You’ll find all of them in your California Driver Handbook.

Remember to get the latest version of California Handbook and study all signs. Ask yourself what each sign means and how to act when you see them on any California highway.

It is also important that you understand how road signs are coded with different shapes and colors [road signs shapes and colors].

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Transcript with all questions in this California Test Prep video

1. Which sign shows that the right lane ends, and that traffic must merge left?

2. This sign means: A. There is a nearby scenic route B. Be alert for possible animals in or near the roadway C. There is a nearby national wildlife refuge

3. Which sign warns of merging traffic?

4. Which vehicle may use the left HOV lane? A. A carpool van with only the driver B. A car with driver, a teenager, and family pet C. A car with driver and two children

5. Which sign shows that you are going against traffic?

6. This sign means: A. The road has several turns or curves B. The road is slippery when wet C. The shoulder of the road is soft

7. This sign marks: A. A nearby church B. A nearby hospital C. An upcoming intersection

8. Which sign tells you that there is a divided highway ahead?

9. This sign means you must not pass other vehicles: A. For any reason B. Unless the way is clear C. Unless the roadway is wide enough for 3 vehicles

10. This sign means: A. Divided highway ends B. Added lane C. Merging traffic

11. When you see this sign: A. There is a flagger ahead B. Expect a detour ahead C. Be prepared to stop ahead

12. Which of these is a regulatory road sign and must always be obeyed?

13. This sign warns of: A. Oncoming traffic B. A divided highway C. A crossroad

14. This sign means: A. All traffic must turn right ahead B. Drive to the right C. Roadway narrows

15. When you see this sign, you: A. May turn left on a green light when way is clear B. Must wait for the green arrow to turn left C. Have the right of way on a green light

16. Which sign prevents entering the roadway from your direction?

17. An orange-colored sign like this means: A. Passing other vehicles is prohibited B. The roadway is closed ahead C. You should expect road work ahead

18. A yellow and black circular sign means: A. Do not enter this road B. There is a roundabout ahead C. You are approaching a railroad crossing

19. This sign means: A. The road curves to the right B. Drive to the right of a divider C. Side road to the right

20. This sign means you should be prepared for: A. A slippery road B. A double curve C. Several curves or turns

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