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Video: New Jersey Test 2022 – The Road Signs

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Learn Road Signs for Your New Jersey Test 2022

This video shows 25 road signs you must recognize for your New Jersey Driver License exam.

Knowing Road Signs are Important

Road signs are important because they tell you the law (regulation signs); what you must do and what must NOT do. Road signs also warn you of possible hazards near or on the highway, such as sharp turns or deer crossings. Other signs give you directions to motorist services, national parks, nearby cities, and interstates.

Don’t forget to read about how signs are coded in different colors and shapes to help you understand the meaning of the road signs. It is not uncommon for the test to have a question or two about shapes or colors.


Are you Ready for the Best Practice Tests?

Studies show that test takers who prepare by taking several practice tests usually pass their exam the first time. You can do it too!


Remember, the real Driver License test in New Jersey has 50 questions. The passing score is 80 percent, which means you can’t miss more than 10 questions. Read more about the N.J. knowledge test at N.J. MVC

If you can correctly answer all questions on some of the practice tests, you are off to a good start.

1. This road sign means: A. Slippery When Wet B. Road Narrows C. Keep Right D. Winding Road

2. What should you expect ahead? A. A lane reduction B. A divided highway C. Merging traffic D. A side road

3. This sign marks: A. A truck crossing B. A truck parking C. A hill D. A work zone

4. What should you expect ahead? A. A traffic signal B. A stop sign C. A yield sign D. A detour

4. This sign means: A. You must let others go first B. Make a complete stop before turning C. No U-turn D. Wait for a green signal

5. This sign marks a road with: A. Merging traffic B. A barrier or divider C. Two-lane traffic D. Sharp turns

6. This sign means: A. Only traffic in the right lane may turn right B. Traffic in both lanes must go straight C. No traffic may go straight D. Traffic in both lanes may turn right

7. The purpose of this sign is to prevent drivers from: A. Entering one-way streets from the wrong direction B. Passing other vehicles in a no-passing zone C. Entering a street where workers are present D. Exiting a roundabout through right turns

8. When you see this sign, you should expect: A. Several turns or curves B. Narrow lanes C. Merging traffic D. A closed road

9. This road sign means: A. No Passing B. No Public Access C. No Pedestrians D. No Parking

10. What does this sign mean? A. Do not Enter B. No U-Turns C. No passing D. U-turn area ahead

11. This sign means: A. Left lane ends ahead B. Sharp turn ahead C. Side road to the left D. Divided highway ahead

12. This sign means: A. Cross Road B. Church C. Hospital D. School crossing

13. What should you expect ahead? A. A work zone B. A traffic signal C. A detour D. A highway ramp

14. This sign with a large 'H' shows directions to: A. Hotels B. Handicap parking C. Highway exits D. Hospitals

15. This sign means: A. The road is closed B. Flagman ahead C. Traffic accident ahead D. All traffic must turn left

16. This sign warns of: A. A sharp turn B. Multiple turning lanes C. A side road D. A winding road

17. This sign means: A. Lane Narrows B. Divided Highway Ends C. Merge D. Lane Reduction Ahead

18. This sign means: A. Keep right B. Wrong way C. Cross road D. Right lane must turn right

19. If you drive past this sign: A. You are going against traffic B. You must not stop or stand your vehicle C. You should continue to the next exit D. All the above

20. This sign means: A. Right Lane Ends B. Steep Hill C. No Standing Any Time D. No Trucks

21. A five-sided sign marks: A. A hospital B. An interstate C. A school D. A rest area

22. This sign means: A. All traffic must turn left at the intersection B. Cross traffic travels one way to the left C. Do not turn in the direction of the arrow D. Merging traffic from right

23. This sign warns of: A. A temporary detour B. A carpool lane C. A no parking zone D. A railroad crossing

24. This sign means: A. No right turns B. Right lane ends C. Keep right D. No turns

25. A sign with this triangular pennant shape marks: A. A no passing zone B. A school zone C. A merge area D. A highway exit

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