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Video: California Permit Test – 46 Questions


How to Study for Your California Permit Test

Getting ready for your first permit test can feel overwhelming.

It is often hard to know where to start. The Driver Handbook has tons of information in it. Are you really expected to know everything in that manual?

Let’s be honest. Just like in school, there are students who manage to pass their tests without studying extremely hard. Others work hard and pass their tests, but just barely.

But getting your first learner’s permit is not only about passing a knowledge test.

Everything you learn will help you stay safe on the road and most of the knowledge you gain during these weeks will hopefully stick for life.

So, approach these important studies with the right mindset. Don’t focus solely on passing the test, stay curious and try to learn and understand the California rules of the road.

Get a Copy of the California Driver Handbook

The California Driver Handbook has everything you need to know about signs, signals, safe driving, and California driving laws. DMV draws all questions on your California permit test from this handbook.

Download a PDF-version online or get a copy of the handbook from your local DMV service center.

By watching this video, you will get an idea of what kind of questions DMV will ask on the test and how they are phrased. Look for similar facts and phrasing when you study the handbook.

It is also a good strategy to split the manual into smaller chunks and study them one by one over a few days. Don’t try to digest all information at once.

Use Practice Tests and Videos

Videos give you the overview and an idea of the types of questions you will see on the test.

Practice tests are interactive. You must pick an answer before you can move on to the next question. A practice test is an example of active learning.

All experts agree that active learning with practice tests gives the best results.


Is it the Same Questions as the Real Test?

If you are under 18 years, the official DMV knowledge test has 46 questions. You need 38 correct answers to pass.

The questions in this video are intended as a study guide and practice help. They cover the same content as questions that will appear on the real knowledge test.

You should, however, be aware that DMV draws question from a larger bank of questions. This makes each test random and nobody knows which questions you will get on your test.

By watching our videos and taking several practice tests you will quickly see which items appear with some regularity. Those are also most likely to appear on your real knowledge test.

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