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Video: Florida License Test Questions

Florida Permit & License Test Questions

This video helps you study and prepare for your Florida driver’s license exam. It shows 75 questions and answers specifically designed to test your knowledge of Florida rules, signs, signals, and safe driving.

Before you head down to your local tax collector and driver services office to get you Florida learner’s permit or driver’s license, you should study the Florida Driver License Handbook , watch our videos, and take some practice tests .

The videos contain some of the most common questions on the Florida license test.

Our practice tests have questions about everything you need to learn for your official exam. There are more than 1,000 test questions and answers specific for Florida. 100% free with no gimmicks.

Florida Passing Rates

Florida changed their test in 2015, making the license test a lot more difficult than it used to be. The test now has 50 questions and you need 40 correct answers to pass.

Because of the revamp in 2015, passing rates took a dive. Two out of three applicants failed the test.

Questions are now constantly reviewed and updated by the state.

So, it is important that you use practice tests that are up to date and trustworthy.

Read Every Question Carefully

Remember to read everything carefully and focus on understanding answers in the video and on practice tests. All information you need to pick the correct answer is in the question. Don’t add your own information. Just pick the best choice.

When you study and don’t understand answers, look up the information in the latest version of the Driver License Handbook.

And yes, videos and practice tests will help you pass. But it is still a learning process. Nobody can learn all traffic rules without studying.

With the practice tests you’ll get instant feedback and will learn faster.


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