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Video: Test Your Knowledge of Ohio Road Signs


Ohio Road Signs Test

We have created this video to help you learn Ohio road signs for your driver license test.

Your Ohio BMV Test has 20 questions about common road signs and signals and 20 questions about motor vehicle laws.

To pass the official knowledge test you need 15 correct answers on the road-sign part test and 15 correct answers on the part with questions about Ohio road rules.

The passing score is 75%, which is one of the lowest in United States. Still, many first-time applicants fail the test and many trip on the road signs.

Mastering common highway signs is important not only for your Ohio knowledge test, but also for your safety on the road. When you watch this video, make sure you recognize all signs and can answer all questions.

Study Tips for Ohio Knowledge Test

All highway signs on you test are described in the Ohio Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws . Any of the signs in the handbook may show up on your test. Go over them several times and make sure you understand the meaning of all of them.

Pay special attention to the descriptions and learn how to act when you see different road signs.

You should also study how different shapes and colors are used on our highway signs.

Continue with Interactive Practice Tests

While videos provide visual input and help you learn better, nothing beats the interactive tests. Be sure to take at least a handful of practice tests and try to reach the perfect score on each.


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