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Video 2: Pennsylvania License Exam Questions and Answers


Pennsylvania License Exam Questions

By studying these Pennsylvania license exam questions and answers, you’ll know what to expect from your real permit test.

All questions and answers are specifically designed to help you prepare for the license test by PennDOT Driver & Vehicle Services. But please note that is not affiliated with PennDOT or any or State or Government Entity. Videos and practice tests are published as a study help only. Always check facts against the official Driver’s Manual and/or Pennsylvania state laws.

If you already have a driver license, our videos and practice can provide a useful recap of laws and safe driving, especially if you are asked to help someone else prepare for their instruction permit or driver’s license. Both videos and tests are highly recommended for any parent or guardian who wants to help their teenagers become safe drivers.

Every Answer is in the Manual

Every answer to questions is found in the Pennsylvania Driver License Manual. Please study the manual before you attempt to pass the real exam. You need to have a good understanding of Pennsylvania laws, common traffic signs and signals, distracted driving and other things that helps you become a responsible driver.

The more you study, and the more practice tests you take, the more likely you are to pass your knowledge test the first time.


About the Video

The video combines three sets of exam questions. For the first videos in this series follow this link: Pennsylvania Driver License Test – 18 Questions

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