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Video: Pennsylvania Driver License Test – 18 Questions


Get Ready for Your Pennsylvania Driver License Test

Do you want to pass the written knowledge test for your Pennsylvania learner’s permit or full driver license? Watch this video for some basic facts you must know for the real test.

Passing the Pennsylvania knowledge test is your first step towards your Pennsylvania driver license. The Pennsylvania driver license test has 18 multiple-choice questions. You must answer at least 15 of the 18 questions correctly. All answers are found in the Driver’s Manual issued by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Driver Licensing.

Pennsylvania Drivers Manual

Always Read the Manual

It is important that you always start by studying the official manual. You are less likely to pass your exam if you skip the manual and think driving is all about common sense. After studying the manual, you should use practice tests to check your progress and if you are ready for the real test or not.

Remember, you can only miss 3 of the 18 questions on the knowledge exam.

Even if most new applicants pass the test on their first try, many don’t.

Applicants who didn’t pass were either too nervous to get the answers right or didn’t prepare well enough. The two are often connected. If you spend your time wisely and prepare well ahead of the test, you are also less likely to be nervous about it.

What is on the Test?

The Pennsylvania driver license test covers common traffic signs and signals, safe driving techniques, and specific Pennsylvania laws and regulations.

In the video you will see examples from three different test. It gives you a good idea of what you can expect from the real knowledge examination.

Be aware that not two tests given by PennDot are exactly the same. The automated tests draw random questions from a larger pool of question for each new applicant. This means that you’ll never know which questions you will get on your knowledge exam.

The more you study, and the more practice tests you take, the more likely you are to cover all important items in the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual.


About the Video

The video combines three tests. For the second videos in this series follow this link: Video 2: Pennsylvania License Exam Questions and Answers

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