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The Legacy Test Format will be Discontinued in 2021

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Who Drive Better - Men or Women?

Men often consider themselves better drivers. Women sometimes agree. At the same time, men's driving behavior is more deadly than women's. So is there an answer to the eternal question: who are better drivers - men or women?

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the Real DMV Test

Is this the real test? Well, we get that question a lot. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. All real knowledge tests pick random questions from alarger database. This means that all tests are different. The practice tests work the same way!

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Study Tactics

There are some risky study tactics that may cause you to fail the real knowledge test. It is tempting to take shortcuts when you want to pass the test, but there are a few common mistakes you should try to avoid in order to pass the first time.

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Understand the Graduated Driver Licensing Law

All states have a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law in place. If you are under 18 years, it will define when you can start practicing driving and how quickly you can earn your full, unrestricted driver's license.

GDL laws are designed to gradually provide young drivers with driving experience and skills. There are typically three steps or phases you must pass.

You begin by applying for a learner's permit and practice driving with an experienced driver. You then progress to a restricted driver license (usually known as probationary or provisional license). During these two phases there a several restrictions in place, like a nighttime curfew, passenger restriction, and cellphone prohibition. Restrictions are lifted over time and you will eventually earn your full driver's license.

Remember that rules are slightly different in each state.


What If You See a Deer on the Road?

Your best defense against crashing with a deer, is to control your speed, stay alert, watch for deer crossing signs, and avoid distractions. Learn when you are most likely to encounter deer on the road and what to do if a crash with a deer becomes inevitable.

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How to Prevent Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision means that two vehicles crash into each other, front-ends first. Head-on collisions are not very common, but often result in fatalities and/or serious injuries. Learn what to do if a vehicle drifts into your lane or a vehicle enters the highway the wrong way.

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Should Driver Knowledge Be Retested?

As much as we try to deny it, our driver knowledge is not always up to date and we often form bad driving habits behind the wheel. Some suggest that all drivers should be retested when they renew their driver license. What do you think?

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