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Is the DMV Knowledge Test Just Common Sense?

Some people say the driver’s license written test is just common sense.

Well, there is no common sense without knowledge. And there are no knowledge without studying.

The Best Advice

The best advice is to read your DMV Handbook and know it from beginning to end. It may seem overkill to know some of the details, especially those that seem less critical to driving safety, but you can never know too much.

As an example, there is almost always a question about drinking and driving. Your driver’s manual probably has some statistics related to drinking and driving, or the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol. Know your numbers. Just in case.

This doesn’t mean that you should read the manual and just memorize questions and answers. To be a good driver and ace the exam, you must have some true knowledge about road signs, pavement markings, signals and state laws.

Practice as Much as Possible

The second advice is to practice as much as possible, and in good time before the real test. Take your first practice test a couple of weeks before your exam. Then take a few tests each day in the weeks that follow. Don’t wait until the last minute to soak up knowledge and to make sure you know your stuff.

And remember, read through each question and every possible answer carefully. There are no trick questions. But sometimes it is easy to jump to conclusions too quickly. Take your time! Make sure you understand each question and each alternative.

If you have passed several practice tests on this site, I am pretty sure you will not fail your final exam.

Should you not pass, try to learn something from it. Can you remember what it was that kept you from passing? Some questions you have never seen before?

Let us and others know. It will help us improve this site, and it will help others.

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  1. I can’t pass it I read into the question to much

  2. Finally! Someone with the good sense to refute the statement that a written drivers test is just common sense. The article points out that without knowledge there can be no common sense. And there cannot be. I have flown in an airplane many times, but I would not presume to take a How to Fly an Airplane Test without many, many hours of study on how to do it.

  3. my Knowledge

  4. If u passed written test but failed driving test do u have to retake written test

    • In general, no. Under all normal circumstances you should not have to worry about this.

      But rules vary between states and it can be tricky if the period between the written test and the road test is too long. If you are in any doubt here (or if you have a permit and it is about to expire), contact your local DMV! All testing is often up to their discretion.

  5. I just failed knowledge test 2 times and failed again the motorcycle written test.

    Then the computer showed me “study more about the handbooks”.

    I asked to the instructor and they said ” you don’t have pay for the application again.”

    So, are they caounting my failure each of the written test and knowledge test or together?

    I need your help

  6. This site helped me SO much with my knowledge test. I passed on my first try with this as my only study guide. I only missed one. Thank you SO much.

  7. i failed mine twice and i’m retaking it for the 3rd time next wednesday. if i don’t pass this time, then that’s it. my life is pretty much over. i’ve been studying like a maniac and i’m just absolutely terrified that i’ll fail again. i have no idea if i can pass. both times, i failed by only 2 or 3 questions.

    • It is not easy, but you should try to ignore the feeling that it is the end of the world. It isn’t! In fact, anxiety can be your worst enemy when it comes to passing a test.

      When people fail a test they usually say that they did know the answer. They just misunderstood, didn’t read the question carefully enough, or… whatever…

      Do not rush through any of the questions. Not even “the simple” ones.

      Gaining self-confidence from our tests is important. You should aim for at least 90% on a handful of our practice tests. Do not memorize answers. Just remembering phrases and answers will not help you. Try to figure out WHY and HOW. Read the comments, compare contents in the manual, and discuss with yourself.

      Don’t worry too much about details. Numbers may be important (signal 100 feet before a turn) or they may not be (usually fees or fines). Laws that have great impact on road safety are your main priorities when studying the manual.

      Since you already taken the test twice: What kind of questions did you miss? What areas? Focus more on those!

  8. I just failed my knowledge test for the third time all i needed was two more and i could of passed it, people say its common sense well let me tell ya this not all people are smart i read through the book and made flash cards and studied a lot and i still cant pass it.

  9. Ya i have taken it five times and i have read the book over and over but for some reason i cant pass it i get so close i need help

  10. Hey i failed my knowledge test

  11. i failed my permit test by 12 questions and i gotta take it really sucks.

    • Sorry to hear that. Did you take our practice tests before? If so, anything you think we missed? Let us know.

      By taking another handful of our practice tests I am pretty sure you will pass next time. Good Luck.

  12. Thanks a lot everyone kept telling me it was just common sense

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