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Driving Alone At Night

Woman driving car - copyright: Kirill Polovnoy

Police Impostor

Recently, a North Texas woman said she was attacked by a man pretending to be a police officer. She was driving along a poorly lit stretch of road around 2:30 a.m. when she saw emergency lights in her rear view mirror. She pulled over, rolled down her window, and saw a man get out of a car and approach her vehicle.

While she fumbled for her driver’s license and insurance, she was attacked.

Some Important Tips

If you are driving alone at night and see emergency lights behind you, make sure that the vehicle making the stop is clearly marked as a police unit. If you are unsure and have a cell phone, stop and call 911 to verify it is a legitimate traffic stop.

If you are uncomfortable about stopping because an area is deserted or not well-lit, acknowledge the officer’s request to pull over by slowing down and turning on your emergency flashers.

Officers usually understand and take into consideration the surroundings when stopping a driver. Depending on the violation committed or the officer’s observation of your driving ability, you may be allowed to continue driving a short distance until you reach a well-lit area. Turn on your emergency flashers.

Pull over as you reach the first safe haven or well-lit area.

Officers in unmarked vehicles usually wear police uniforms, and always have a photo ID card and a badge. If a non-uniformed officer stops you, always ask the officer for identification.

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