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Squeeze Play Crashes

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Why Large Vehicles Make Wide Turns

When a vehicle makes a turn, the rear wheels will follow a shorter path than the front wheels. The longer the vehicle, the greater the difference.

When turning, drivers of large vehicles typically need to move to the left and swing into other lanes of traffic before making a right-hand turn.

Squeeze Play

Accidents that occur between trucks and passenger cars when a truck is turning are known as a squeeze play crashes.

If a truck swings to the left before a turn, it may look like a late attempt to change lanes or turn left. A driver of a passenger car following behind the truck may not understand the truck driver’s intention to make a right turn and may try to pass on the truck’s right-hand side.

When the car passes between the truck and the curb, the truck driver is usually unable to see the car because of the serious blind spot large vehicles have on the right side. As the truck turns, the trailer will move closer to the curb (remember, the rear wheels follow a shorter path), potentially cutting off and squeezing the car between the trailer and the curb.

Left Blind Spot

Even if you are driving in a left-hand lane beside a truck before a turn, you are at risk. The truck driver might not see you if you are in a left-hand blind spot, and may hit from the side when moving into your lane.

Always stay back if you believe that the truck driver wants to make a turn.

How to Pass Safely

Avoid passing large vehicles on their right-hand side, especially close to intersections.

Always try to pass on the left. Complete your pass without lingering in the trucker’s blind spot and always make sure you don’t move into the open space in front of a truck too soon. You should see the front of the truck in your rear-view mirror before you move back.

Remember This for Your DMV Test

For your final DMV test you must make sure you understand the no-zones of large vehicles. You can read more here: You should also read these other useful tips about sharing the road with trucks.

You must also understand that large vehicles are much more difficult to maneuver. The need more room and longer stopping distances.

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