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Kentucky Road Sign Recognition Test – 10 Road Sign Questions

This Kentucky Road Sign Practice Test
  Questions per test: 10
  Question pool: 100+
  Type of test: Random multiple-choice



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#1. This sign means:

Hospital is a word message sign or an H symbol sign. Remember, blue and white signs direct you to services, such as gas, food, motels, and hospitals.


#2. What does this road sign mean?

Hill – Downgrade ahead. Slow down and be ready to shift to lower gear to control speed and save brakes.


#3. If you see an orange road sign on the highway, what should you expect ahead?

Orange is used for construction and maintenance warning. The signs are usually diamond shaped. They notify drivers of unusual or potentially dangerous conditions near work areas.


#4. This sign tells you:

Regulatory Speed Limit sign. With the word minimum, it shows the minimum speed you are allowed to travel.

Minimum limits are usually posted on freeways and other controlled access highways. Do not drive slower than the minimum posted limit unless bad weather or poor road conditions make it necessary.


#5. What does this sign mean?

Low clearance. Do not enter if your vehicle is taller than the height listed on the sign.


#6. This sign tells you:

Reduction of lanes. Right lane ends.

There will be fewer lanes ahead. Traffic must merge left. Drivers in the left lane should allow others to merge smoothly. Right lane ends.


#7. What does this sign mean?

Sharp turn. The road will make a sharp turn. Slow your speed, keep to the right, and do not pass other vehicles.


#8. When you see this sign, you should:

Cross road. A road crosses the main highway ahead. Look to the left and right for other traffic.


#9. This sign means:

This sign indicates two lanes of traffic are permitted to turn left. The traffic in the left lane must turn left, traffic in the other lane has a choice.

Drivers must always follow through on the directions that are indicated in the lane they are in. For example, if a driver is driving in a lane with a straight arrow, it is illegal and unsafe to attempt a turn to the right or left once they are at the intersection. A sudden lane change increases the risk of a crash. It is safer to drive around the block and find an alternate route to the destination.


#10. A sign with this shape, color, and symbol, means:

The do not enter sign mean you cannot drive in this direction.

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Kentucky Road Sign Recognition Test

This practice test focuses on the road sign part of the Kentucky knowledge test. It has 10 questions about the road signs described in the Kentucky Driver Manual.

To pass the road sign part of your examination, you must correctly identify 8 of the 10 road signs based on their color, shape, symbols, or word messages.

Questions about Road Rules and Safe Driving

The main part of your examination has 30 questions about driving rules, Kentucky traffic regulations, procedures, and safe driving practices. To pass this part of your examination you must correctly answer at least 24 question.

A practice test for the road rules part of your exam is found here: Kentucky Written Permit Test Practice .

Kentucky Written Permit Test - Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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