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Pennsylvania Road Sign Test – 15 Road Signs

Pennsylvania Road Sign Practice Test
  Questions: 15
  Type of test: Random multiple-choice



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The passing score in Pennsylvania is 84%. It is a good idea to try to get all of these questions right.

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#1. Which sign alerts you to a narrow bridge?

Narrow bridge or underpass ahead. Each lane on the bridge or underpass becomes narrower, and there generally is no shoulder. You need to slow down and make sure you stay in your lane. If a driver approaching from the opposite direction has a wide vehicle or is taking up part of your lane, wait until he or she clears the area.


#2. Which sign means that you must keep to the right?

The Keep Right sign tells you that you must pass only to the right of a roadway feature or obstruction.


#3. Which sign warns of a divided highway ahead?

Divided Highway Ahead. The highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways. Opposing flows of traffic are separated by a median or other physical barrier.


#4. A highway with two-way traffic is marked by which of these signs?

Two-way Traffic. The sign warns that the road changes from a multi-lane roadway to a two-lane, two-way section. It is also used along such a road.


#5. Which sign marks the beginning of a no passing zone?

Do Not Pass. This sign marks the beginning of a no passing zone. The sign is often accompanied by the yellow pennant-shaped sign that says No Passing Zone.


#6. Which sign warns you that you are going against traffic on a one-way roadway?

WRONG WAY signs are placed farther down the one-way street or ramp. They are placed there to catch your attention, if you accidentally turn onto the street or ramp.


#7. Which sign indicates that left turns are prohibited?

This sign indicates left turns are prohibited. Do not make a left turn at this intersection.


#8. Which sign prohibits all parking?

You may not park a vehicle at locations where this sign is posted.


#9. At which sign must you always stop your car?

You must always stop at a stop sign.


#10. Which sign warns of an undivided roadway with two-way traffic ahead?

Divided Highway Ends. The divided highway on which you are traveling ends ahead. You will then be on an undivided roadway with two-way traffic. Keep to the right.


#11. Which sign marks an extreme curve?

The road ahead changes direction at an extreme angle. Before you reach such an extreme curve, slow down as much as you would to make a turn at an intersection. The One-Direction Large Arrow sign is used either as a supplement or alternative to the Chevron signs. It can also be used to supplement a Turn or Reverse Turn sign.


#12. Which sign means that there is a winding road ahead?


#13. Which sign is posted at a roundabout?

Yield signs are often posted at the entrance of a roundabout to remind you that you must always yield to vehicles in the roundabout.


#14. Which sign means that there is a traffic signal ahead?


#15. Which sign means that you must turn right from your lane?

Turn right only. If you are in a lane controlled by a sign with a turn arrow and the word ONLY, when you reach the intersection, you must make the turn. You may travel only in the direction the arrow points, even if you are in the turn-only lane in error.

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Which sign means that you must turn right?

Pennsylvania Road Sign Recognition Test

This practice test offers a different way of studying some of the common road signs that may show up on your official driver license test in Pennsylvania. It has 15 questions about the road signs described in the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual .

The passing score in Pennsylvania is higher than in many other states, so it is a good idea to make sure that you can get all of the road sign questions right.

Pennsylvania Permit Test
  Questions: 18 (incl. road signs)
  Passing score: 84 percent
  Correct answers to pass: 15
  Wait time before retest: 1 day

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