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Virginia Road Sign Recognition Test

This Virginia Road Sign Practice Test
  Questions in each set: 10
  Question pool: 100+
  Type of test: Random multiple-choice
  Pass score: 100%



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The 25-question knowledge test

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The 25-question knowledge test

#1. This sign tells you:

No Left Turn: Left turns are against the law. In Virginia, U-turns are considered two left turns and are also illegal if this sign is posted.


#2. What does this sign mean?

Stop sign ahead. When you come to this sign, you should slow down and be ready to stop at the stop sign ahead.


#3. This road sign indicates:

Low clearance sign: The overpass ahead has a low clearance. Do not proceed if your vehicle is taller than the height shown on the sign.


#4. What does this sign mean?

Winding Road. The road ahead winds with a series of turns or curves. On all curves, slow down for better control.


#5. This sign indicates:

The color orange marks a work zone and means slow down and be alert.


#6. What does this sign mean?

Slippery when wet.

When pavement is wet, reduce your speed. Do not brake hard or change direction suddenly. Increase the distance between your car and the one ahead of you.


#7. This road sign means:

Reduced speed limit ahead: Prepare to reduce your speed. The speed limit is changing ahead.


#8. This road sign indicates:

Divided highway begins. The highway ahead is split into two separate roadways by a median or divider and each roadway is one-way. Keep right.


#9. Which shape is used for stop signs?

Octagon (Stop): This eight-sided shape always means stop. You must come to a complete stop at the sign, stop line, pedestrian crosswalk, or curb. Wait for any vehicle or pedestrian to clear the way.

The color and shape of a traffic sign communicates important information about the sign’s message. In poor visibility conditions, such as heavy fog, you may be able to make out only the shape of a sign. As you approach a sign and while still distant, you may see the color long before you can read the message or see the symbol, giving you some advance information.


#10. What does this sign mean?

If you drive past the wrong way sign you are going in the wrong direction and could get into a head-on crash with vehicles headed your way. Cautiously turn around.

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Virginia DMV Two-Part Knowledge Test

When you apply for a Virginia learner permit or driver license, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will give you two computerized tests.

    A road sign identification test
    A general knowledge test

You must correctly identify 10 road signs from the Virginia Driver’s Manual. There is no room for mistakes on this part of the test. You must pass this test before you can move on to the second part of the exam.

Virginia Road Signs Test at

Virginia Road Sign Practice

This Virginia road sign practice test addresses all of the important signs described in the manual and that you are expected to know, including the use of shapes, colors, and symbols.

The test has 10 random questions drawn from a pool of more than 100 questions. You can take the test several times to make sure you have a solid knowledge of all signs that can show up on your test.

It is a good idea not only to learn “the name” of sign, but also how sage driving practices apply when you encounter some of the warning signs.

Virginia Road Safety

For your safety on Virginia roads, you should learn all common road signs that you may encounter on our highways, but for your test you must focus on the ones described in the manual.

Get the latest version of the Driver’s Manual from a Virginia DMV service center, your driver education course, or download a PDF-version online . The manual is usually updated once or twice per year, so make sure you have the latest version when you start studying.

Virginia DMV practice tests at Drivers Prep


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