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Video: Michigan Road Sign Test

Video with Road Sign Questions for Your Michigan License

Unlike some other states, there is no special Michigan road sign test when you want your first learner’s permit or full driver’s license. The first segment of your permit test, however, will ask you about many common road signs.

There are more than 50 road signs described in “What Every Driver Must Know“. You should make sure you understand what all of them mean and what you must do when you see them on Michigan highways or streets.

There is also a chapter about how shapes and colors that gives you valuable information about the meaning of signs when you are on the road. Don’t skip this part. The meaning of shapes and colors is important for your exam.

This Michigan road sign test video shows many of the signs you must learn for your written exam.

Michigan Knowledge Test

Young drivers take their knowledge test in two segments. Each segment has 40 questions and the passing score is 70% (28 correct answers).

When you prepare for your exam you should aim for at least 90% on each practice test (ideally, you should go for 100%).

The Michigan tests are usually considered easy, so you shouldn’t worry too much before your exam – but prepare well. Not only for your test but for your own safety on the road.

The Interactive Online Test with All Question

Michigan Practice Test - 40 Questions

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