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Video: Michigan Practice Test – 40 Questions

Practice Video with 40 Questions for Your Michigan Test

The practice tests have questions that are the same or similar to the real Michigan knowledge exam, but the tests are not real segment 1 or segment 2 tests.

Practice tests will only help you prepare for the real thing and help you study. You should also be aware that is privately owned and not affiliated with Michigan Secretary of State or any other State Entity.

Can You Trust the Tests? has provided online study help and practice tests since 2007, longer than any other website.

You can easily compare questions and answers on the tests with the information in the official handbook “What Every Driver Must Know” published by Michigan Secretary of State (SOS).

Interactive Tests

In addition to our videos, we also offer 100 interactive tests – based on more than 1,000 variations of exam questions.



The real segment 1 and segment 2 tests has 40 questions each and you need 28 correct answers to pass.

They are among the easiest knowledge tests in the country. So, you can do this!


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