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California DMV Permit Practice Videos

In an effort to make our permit questions and answers more accessible, we have uploaded additional permit practice tests on YouTube. The idea is to make video short enough for quick viewing and easy to digest. Studying to get your California permit or full driver’s license has probably never been easier. We suggest that you take several permit practice test on our website to learn and fully understand the contents of the 2015 California Driver Handbook. Use the videos when you are on the go and need a quick reminder.
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Know How To Park on Hills

Consider the following question: You park on headed uphill and there is a curb. How should you turn your front wheels? On the California test, 49 percent of the test takers pick the correct answer. The correct procedure is described on page 46 in the California Driver Handbook along with a good illustration. This, of course, makes it easier for you to learn. On the Florida test, only 38 percent get the question right. Correct parking is basically described in the handbook with images only. It is easy to miss this when you study the Florida Handbook. In Connecticut, more than two out of three miss this question (only 32 percent get it right). The driver's manual does not mention how to turn the wheels when facing uphill. But you are still required to know this, since it is part of your behind-the-wheel driving test. To make it very simple, there is basically only one thing you have understand and remember for your DMV test!
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Test Takers Failing the Driver Knowledge Test

So far, more than 115,000 applicants has taken the written driver knowledge test. The California DMV estimates that more than 1.5-million people will take the test for their driver's licenses under the new law in the coming years. The test pass rate among these new tests takers are, however, discouraging. Two out of three Spanish speaking test takers fail their first attempt. One out of two fail the test in English.
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California fines Mercury Insurance for Unapproved Broker Fees

A law in California prevents auto insurers from charging excessive rates and requires that rates be approved by the state Insurance Commissioner. From 1999 through 2004, Mercury’s insurance agents have charged consumers unapproved broker fees on more than 180,000 transactions. By doing so, the auto insurance company improperly collected $27,593,562 million from consumers, California state says. Mercury Insurance of Los Angeles has now been ordered by the California Department of Insurance to pay a fine of $27.56 million. Read more about this case.
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