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Test Takers Failing the Driver Knowledge Test

So far, more than 115,000 applicants has taken the written driver knowledge test. The California DMV estimates that more than 1.5-million people will take the test for their driver's licenses under the new law in the coming years. The test pass rate among these new tests takers are, however, discouraging. Two out of three Spanish speaking test takers fail their first attempt. One out of two fail the test in English.
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Parking on Hills – Know This for Your DMV Test

Parking on hills is a common pitfall on many practical driving tests, as well as the DMV written knowledge test. The general rule is to turn the front wheels to the right. The only time the front wheels should be turned the other way, is when you park uphill and there is a curb. When parking uphill and there is a curb, you turn the wheels to the left and away from the curb.
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